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Exploring different parts of the world is a beautiful thing. Doing so with your hiking boots on is an even more phenomenal experience. Across the globe, there are a number of breathtaking, challenging and rewarding hiking destinations to enjoy.

Here are just a few of them:

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The iconic West Coast trail in Canada offers stunning ocean views and challenging terrain. It is also rich in history as it was initially established as a life-saving path in 1907. This path was used to rescue survivors shipwrecked along the island’s treacherous coast. Backpacking this trail for a number of days is recommended as the best way to conquer it.


Man with backpack and hiking poles got to the top of Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro and looking at the beautiful bright sunny sunrise above the Meru mountain (Picture: Unsplash)

Tanzania is an amazing destination to enjoy a number of great hikes. Mount Kilamanjaro, which is the highest peak in Africa, is one of Tanzania’s most beautiful and highly challenging hikes. On the 7-day trek, you will cross through five different ecological zones and climates. Mount Meru, on the other hand, is slightly more approachable and relatively less challenging. It is Africa’s fourth highest mountain and offers hikers a stunning experience. Typically, a Mount Meru climb takes 4-6 days and the breathtaking views are worth every second.


The Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal is a hiker’s paradise. It follows the Himalayan range and showcases stunning mountain landscapes. One can also witness the diverse cultures of the region’s remote villages.

Since the trail traverses subtropical forests, rugged mountain passes and lush valleys, you can expect to be spoilt to spectacular views of natural beauty.


Turkey’s Lycian Way is a long-distance trail which follows the coast of Turkey’s Lycia region. It offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, ancient ruins and rugged mountains.

You can complete the entire route within three weeks. However, there is the option to do shorter segments. As a part of your hike, you can visit some of Turkey’s charming towns or simply take a swim in the inviting and crystal-clear waters.


The Great Ocean Walk is where the Australian coast meets the wild Southern Ocean. On this hike, you can expect plenty of only-in-Australia sights. You are also very likely to spot koalas and wallabies.

Australia is also home to a number of other beautiful and interesting hiking trails including the Overland Track and the Larapinta Trail. So, go ahead and explore the spirit of the destination right beneath your feet.

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