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The battles we fought
No one knows about.
“Oh you’re getting’ soo rude!”
“You’re losing weight!”
“You sleep too much!”
“You don’t go out!”
Are the words we hear all day long.
They all see the scars we’ve got
But are never concerned to know
The battles we fought.
I am tired of hiding the pain,
Forcing a smile,
Trying to act as if I am alright.
Unable to bear more pressure getting through life,
Already in pieces is this heart of mine.
But still, beyond those broken pieces is the light,
The light of hope, that after the darkness, the sun will surely shine.
The light that’s trying to fill the gaps and is keeping me alive.
Making me believe that the battle will eventually come to an end,
And the victory will surely be mine!

Rushda Sajid (17) is a student of St Theresa’s Sr. Sec. School, Kathgodam, Nainital.


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