The Advantages of Joining misterb&b’s LGBTQ Travel Community Jarastyle travel

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The Advantages of Joining misterb&b's LGBTQ Travel Community Jarastyle travelPhoto by Rawpixel/Adobe Stock

Misterb&b is the ultimate LGBTQ travel companion. It helps you to explore a world that is friendly to your gender orientation and meet people who are happy to welcome you at the destination. Misterb&b has built a tightly knit LGBTQ family. Here are a few advantages of joining this community.

Access to LGBTQ-friendly Accommodations

Many LGBTQ travellers have problems locating LGBTQ-friendly hotels, villas, apartments and condominiums in the locations they visit. This can be a major impediment, especially when travelling with a loved one. Fortunately, the misterb&b community ends your search. You get a list of over 2 million LGBTQ-friendly accommodations around the globe. They range from private rooms and homes to hotels and villas. You do not have to pop up the question of whether the destination is LGBT-friendly.

Host LGBTQ Members at Home

When you become a member of the community, you can host LGBTQ travellers coming to your area at your home. When you become a misterb&b host, you get to meet and talk with members from around the globe in a friendly community. The next time you travel, you also get the chance to be hosted by a member of the community.

Get LGBTQ-Friendly Guides for Your Next Travel Plans

Are you planning to visit a destination you know very little about? You can find LGBTQ+ companions who will act as guides throughout your stay. If you are travelling alone, you can also get a companion to make the stay a lot more comfortable. The diverse community has members from every corner of the world.

Community members also share recommendations of the best parties, exhibitions, restaurants and hidden gems at the destination. You will be strolling through these places like the locals with this valuable information.

Choose Where to Celebrate Pride Next

Know where you can express yourself and have fun with fellow members around the globe in the misterb&b community. It has a yearly calendar of the locations where there will be pride parties around the globe. You can even plan your travel to coincide with some of the pride events happening around the world.

Pride parties are an awesome time to meet members of your community, express yourself without fear and exchange ideas with people who care about your welfare.

Become Part of the Loyalty Scheme

Get rewarded for travelling around the world with the Pride Rewards program. With every stay, you earn points that translate into fabulous prizes such as cashback, vouchers and discounts. In the community, you will know the destinations and hotels that offer the highest points to LGBTQ members and use them to make your next trip even more fun at low costs.

The good thing is that the Pride Rewards are free and there is no limit to how many rewards you can earn. Just treat yourself to a misterb&b, earn points and later redeem them for cash or services. Check participating brands on the community website.

Get Tips and Inspiration for Travel

Every now and then, misterb&b posts blogs, feature articles, guides and inspiration about LGBTQ+ travel around the globe. It is the perfect source of information for any LGBTQ+ member who wishes to explore the world. Travel experts around the world, as well as community members who have first-hand experience with the said travel choices, contribute to these articles.

Are you an LGBTQ+ traveller out there? You stand to gain a lot by joining a pioneering LGBTQ+ travel community on misterb&b. We have the information, destinations and community members to make your next travel plans easier and the destination a lot more fun. Join our community today and start travelling proudly.


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