Teens Addicted to Devices? How to Encourage Better Hobbies – Jarastyle Teen’s

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Teens Addicted to Devices? How to Encourage Better Hobbies - Jarastyle Teen's

April 11, 2024

The rise of the Internet and technological advancements have driven teens closer to their gadgets. It’s a common challenge many parents face in today’s tech-centric world — the more they immerse themselves in digital devices, the less inclined they are to seek out hobbies beyond the screen.

Discover how screen time impacts your teens and ways to encourage them to participate in tech-free activities.

Harmful Effects of Screen Time for Teens

Most teens spend 8 hours and 39 minutes on their phones and computers daily. This significantly differs from the recommended two hours for which they should cap their screen time. While devices can entertain and teach, excessive use bears negative consequences, such as:

  • Sleeping problems: The body releases melatonin at night, which induces feelings of drowsiness. A bright screen can impede this natural-occurring process, keeping teens awake until midnight—even way past it.
  • Mood changes: Doomscrolling and chatting may increase the risk of depression and neglected responsibilities. 
  • Limited time for exercise: Too much screen time can interfere with exercising and face-to-face interactions with friends and family.
  • Negative body image: At age 13, 53% of American girls express dissatisfaction with their bodies. Constant social media usage exposes your teen to unrealistic beauty ideals caused by photo manipulation. Seeing seemingly perfect selfies can influence your teen to compare themselves negatively to manipulated images.
  • Eyesight issues: Being constantly glued to the screen can damage the human eyes.
  • Peer pressure: Teens might feel pressured to get their hands on the latest devices to feel accepted in their school or peer circle.

Why Should Teens Have a Hobby?

The adolescent stage is vital for growth and development. Teenagers undergo significant physical, mental and emotional changes, making it conducive to discovering their passions. Hobbies allow teens to make friends, discover new interests, pursue career goals and more. Here are some key reasons to introduce your teen to better hobbies.

Like adults, teenagers feel more confident after accomplishing something, such as earning a medal from a sports competition or learning to knit. Confidence makes them more optimistic about achieving other goals.

Participating in extracurricular activities teaches teens how to manage their time wisely. Instead of spending the entire afternoon in their bedroom, they can pursue their passions because someone forced them to do it. They’ll understand the challenges of managing school responsibilities, household chores and passions, equipping them with life-long values.

Your teen is bound to make mistakes sometimes. In sports, losing is inevitable. If your teen cultivates resilience at an early age, they’ll know how to cope with setbacks in the future. Adversity will be more apparent in adulthood — the sooner your teen learns to deal with failure, the better they can grow as a well-rounded individual.

7 Ways to Encourage Better Hobbies

Hobbies are beneficial for relaxation, enhancing creativity and personal development. Discover how to encourage your teen to cultivate their passion or explore new activities.

  • Take Notice of Their Interests

Have an open conversation with your teen about what they enjoy doing. You might ask them the following questions:

  • What brings you joy?
  • What’s your favorite subject in school?
  • Is there anything you’d like to explore in your free time?
  • Who in your life inspires you to explore a new activity?

Suggest activities aligning with their interests if they don’t know where to start. For instance, if your teen’s favorite subject is science and technology, recommend taking a robotics course to improve their logical thinking and abstract reasoning skills.

Likewise, if your teen likes writing, encourage them to take a creative writing course in the summer. Make suggestions based on your teen’s preferences and abilities to make activities more appealing to them.

  • Encourage an Active Lifestyle

Less than 24% of children ages 6-17 participate in 60 minutes of required daily physical activity. If your teen isn’t getting enough exercise, encourage them to try a new sport or outdoor activity with friends.

You can also make it a family bonding event— invite your partner and kids on a hike so they can experience the outdoors with you. Make physical adventures a family priority on weekends to give your teen something exciting to look forward to. This will instill healthy habits in them to embrace an active lifestyle.

You are your child’s role model. Your teen is more likely to explore new hobbies if you overtly show your passion for a specific pursuit. If you love biking, go on regular bike rides and talk about how great you feel after. Sharing your happiness about your pursuits can inspire your teen to seek an adventure outside their screens.

  • Introduce Your Teen to Interesting People

Meet friends, relatives and neighbors who are committed to their hobbies. Perhaps your teen would like to attempt painting. If your friend is a successful painter, ask if they’d be willing to show your teen a few techniques. Your child will get to witness their dedication to their craft firsthand.

  • Implement No-Screen Mealtimes

Make it a rule to put electronics away during mealtimes. Ask everyone to turn off notifications to eliminate distractions or create a place to “park” smartphones during dinner. Instead, use the time to check in on each other, allowing your teen to discuss their progress on their new pursuits.

As a parent, you only want the best for your child. At this stage, the best way to encourage new hobbies is to let them explore independently. Overscheduling activities or involving yourself too much in your teen’s interests can be discouraging. Instead, allow them to make decisions independently and accept the natural consequences. This will help them build a sense of autonomy and responsibility.

  • Provide Guidance and Encouragement

The decisions your teen makes might change as they try different activities. Respect and encourage exploration so they find a hobby they genuinely enjoy. Likewise, encourage them to embrace a growth mindset when they lose confidence, viewing failures as natural steps in learning.

Encourage Your Teen to Explore New Hobbies

Electronic devices have become indispensable in teenagers’ lives, making them susceptible to smartphone addiction. Protect your teen from the detrimental impacts of prolonged screen exposure by encouraging new passions, activities and hobbies.


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