Slate Phuket Launches Festival to Showcase Culinary Treasures Jarastyle travel

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Slate Phuket Launches Festival to Showcase Culinary Treasures Jarastyle travel

The Slate Phuket announces its latest BOLD event, a culinary festival that will unwrap the secrets of Isaan culture, a region in the northeast known for producing the most authentically Thai cuisine. For the first time, Chef Num, of Samuay & Sons, will join The Slate’s chefs, Chef Nong and Chef Piak to present an intimate journey into Thailand’s hidden culinary treasures. Regarded as the ‘Rene Redzepi of Thailand’ for his love of foraging, Chef Num pays respects to the Isaan region’s farming traditions with ingredients plucked from the fields and forests of the north, while The Slate’s chefs will add new southern influences including the freshest Phuket seafood.

Isaan culture shows a deep respect for heritage and history, along with influences from neighbouring Lao, Cambodia, and Vietnam. From 15th – 18th June, the region will be brought to life through a six-hand chef’s dinner, immersive cooking classes, and an Isaan-infused brunch.

The event will delve into the rustic simplicity, humble ingredients, and vibrant, earthy flavours of Isaan gastronomy. Participants will not only learn how to cook the dishes, but each chef will share engaging stories on their culinary journey in a friendly battle between North and South.

The highlight of the festival will be the Isaan Strikes South Six-Hands Medley dinner, which will take guests on an eight-course journey from the northeast to the south of Thailand, featuring unique ingredients and cooking methods. Isaan food highlights ingredients picked from the forest and rivers, preserved vegetables, aromatic herbs and even insects. For example, guests will taste Samuay’s famous dressing made from crickets, Wolffia, pumpkin cheese and fried red shallot, providing an insight into Isaan culture.

“Isaan culture is one of the richest and most traditional cultures in Thailand and we wanted to share this with our guests,” said The Slate’s owner Krystal Prakaikaew Na-Ranong. “BOLD events are designed to bring gastronomy alive through storytelling and Chef Num is the perfect embodiment of our philosophy. With his deep respect for the land, his ancestors, and his culture, he uses unusual foraged ingredients to create dishes that excite all the senses.

“We only work with the most exciting chefs, artists and creators, and I believe Chef Num is a trailblazer for Thai cuisine and culture,” said Krystal.

Chef Num is equally excited to work with Chef Nong and Chef Piak of The Slate Phuket, with their six hands coming together to create magic.

“While not many travellers get to the northeast of Thailand, we can bring Isaan culture to them through our cooking,” said Chef Num. “I am proud to represent the farmers and villagers of Isaan and tell their stories through these dishes.”

The Slate Phuket’s signature Black Ginger is one of the most awarded restaurants in Phuket. It is Michelin-recommended, with both Chef Nong and Chef Piak regularly lauded for their dedication to innovative cuisine.

Designed by Bill Bensley, The Slate Phuket is set on Nai Yang Beach and tells the story of the island’s rich tin mining history. BOLD events encourage guests to Be Original, Lighthearted and Daring by showcasing the most exciting chefs, artists and creators in immersive experiences that tantalise all the senses.


15th – 16th June | Isaan Unwrapped: A Walkthrough of Northeastern Thai Cuisine

17th June | Bold Dinner: Isaan Strikes South at Black Ginger

18th June | Phuket’s Legendary Sunday Brunch | Isaan Infusion Special Edition

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