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As a wellness enthusiast, I’m always on the hunt for the next thing to give me a performance advantage. I had seen barefoot shoes in the past, but always thought they looked a little dorky. So, when I saw Peluva’s barefoot sneakers come to market with a more casual/everyday design, I thought this would be my entry point into the barefoot shoe crowd.


Here is some of my feedback:

1. Why I Wanted Peluva Sneakers

I was drawn to Peluva sneakers for their unique ‘barefoot’ design. The concept of a shoe that combines the natural feel of being barefoot with the protection of a sneaker intrigued me, and I was eager to see if they lived up to the hype. Like I said, some of the other barefoot shoes, just look a little strange to me.

2. Comparing Comfort Levels

In terms of comfort, Peluva sneakers are a game changer. They offer a lightweight experience compared to traditional sneakers, giving a sensation that’s closer to being barefoot while still providing ample support and cushioning.

Something to consider… I know that everyone’s feet are going to be different, and I just happen to have a longer second toe than daddy toe. Never thought I’d write that down… LOL! This means that I needed to order a larger size than my normal shoe, because these are meant to have a much better fit than regular sneakers.


3. Standout Features of Peluva Sneakers

Several features stood out to me. Firstly, the lightweight design never weighed me down. Secondly, the strategically placed rubber treads provided excellent traction without compromising the barefoot feel. Lastly, the personalized fit (once I sized up) made them feel like they were made just for my feet.

I’ve worn these to the gym, on walks / runs, out to the pool, and even to the office.

4. Impact on Foot Health and Well-Being

Since wearing Peluva sneakers, I can’t say that I’ve noticed a positive change in my foot health. They encourage a more natural foot movement, which is supposed to reduce discomfort during long walks… but I haven’t really noticed a difference.

A few reasons this could be:

  • Maybe I’m just so used to my regular shoes,
  • Maybe it’s because I have flat feet,
  • Maybe because I haven’t worn them long enough,
  • or, Maybe they’re just like other shoes… but lighter with specific places for your toes? 🙂

Review: Peluva Barefoot Shoes | Meal Prep on Fleek - Jarastyle

5. Matching Expectations

Peluva sneakers matched my expectations pretty well, in the sense that I was stoked to try them out and once I got my shoe size dialed in, they were great to wear.

Because I am a bit of a stickler for time efficiency, the extra time it takes to put on the socks and shoes (because you’re trying to find the toe holes) was a bit of a hinderance to my morning routine. Ultimately, I just started skipping the socks all together…

Conclusion: My Final Thoughts on Peluva Sneakers

Peluva sneakers are not just another pair of shoes; they’re a lifestyle choice. With their stylish and lightweight design, they’ve redefined what I expect from footwear. Remember to size up and pair them with the right socks for the best experience. If you’re looking for a shoe that marries ancestral wisdom with modern technology, give Peluva a try.

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