Rare Beauty Is the Real Deal – Jarastyle

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Rare Beauty Is the Real Deal - Jarastyle

OK, most everything I’ve tried from Rare Beauty has been the real deal. I’m currently using and loving the mascara, liquid liner, pencil liner (it’s a twist up, yay!) and the brow pencil. But dang, the pale pink packaging is a challenge because it gets so gnarly so easily.

Well, at least it does for me.

Maybe you’re much neater than I am, but after a few days of using the products, the pristine pink packaging gets covered in foundation, concealer and miscellaneous bits and bobs of makeup.

The part of me that loves to look at pretty things wants to make more of an effort to keep the pieces looking cute, but my practical side says, “Eh, it’s just gonna get dirty again, so just lean into it and accept that makeup is like life; it’s gonna get messy, and that’s OK.” 😀

Anyway, I’ve been using these products with regularity and they are easily everyday rotation items! No joke, every morning before work I get about five minutes to put makeup on, and the Rare Beauty liners (both the liquid and pencil), the brow pencil and the mascara do a lot of heavy lifting in a short amount of time. The textures and pigment are spot on with just enough oomph but not so much that I have to be careful about my application.

The stuff lasts, too! When I take off my makeup at night, my brows, liner and mascara are still intact with little to no smudging.

I’m usually skeptical about celebrity makeup lines because sometimes it feels like a cash grab, but I really like Rare Beauty because it delivers the goods.

Ya did good, Selena!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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