Quiz: Who Said It, An Email From The Items In Your Cart or You at 2 AM When He Wasn’t Answering? | by Alyson D’Lando | Jul, 2023 – Jarastyle

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Can you blame the desperation on full display on an algorithm or having too many white claws? Take the quiz to find out!

Alyson D'LandoThe Belladonna Comedy

Photo by mikoto on Pexels

1. Did You Forget About Me?

2. You’ve Got Great Taste!

3. Hiiiiiiii

4. Your shopping bag is waiting for you.

5. I missssss youuuuuu

6. Left something behind?

7. Jared!

8. We noticed you checking us out!

9. Still searching for that perfect one of a kind item?

10. Where the fuck are you!?

11. Did you forget something?

12. I’m outside.

Answer Key:

1. You alongside a tasteful nude.

2. The Gap after you threw a pair of high waisted linen pants in the cart for the third time this week before remembering you hate summer pants.

3. Definitely you.

4. An email from Zara after you spent two hours at work assembling a cart just to kinda see.

5. You while cracking another claw.

6. Sephora after you realized your coupon code was in-store story and abandoned your cart.

7. You texting Jared.

8. You with a picture of your boobs.

9. Trick question, both!

10. You, before you got blocked.

11. Madewell after you constructed a cart just to see if that 20% promo code made enough of a dent to justify the $150 jumpsuit.

12. You, before the police were called.


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