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Often find yourself in a poetic mood? Then you’ll love knowing about the many different forms of poems to try. 21 March is World Poetry Day, the perfect time to appreciate and wholeheartedly embrace your favourite form of poetry.

Illustration of Fernando the Fearless trapeze artistIllustration: © Rama Ramesh


Very similar to a double dactyl, a McWhirtle follows the form of two stanzas, but does not require you to add nonsensical words in the first line. Since it does not have any rigid rules for formation, it is easier to pen McWhirtles. Here’s one about an unfortunate trapeze artist named Fernando the Fearless.
We’re truly in awe of
Fernando the Fearless
who needed no net
for the flying trapeze.

Alas, what a shame
It’s surprisingly difficult
catching a bar
in the midst of a sneeze.

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Poetry in all its glory ⋆ The Teenager Today - Jarastyle Teen's

Rama Ramesh is a creative writer who has written stories and features for children’s magazines and has co-authored a series of nanotechnology books for kids.


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