Plan Your Dates for a Campervan Trip in March 2024 for Unique Festivals! Jarastyle travel

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Plan Your Dates for a Campervan Trip in March 2024 for Unique Festivals! Jarastyle travelPhoto by David Pereiras

Spending vacations with family on a road trip in a cosy campervan tends to be mostly about heritage sites, nature exploration, star gazing, stunning views, etc. But you can start your 2024 holiday planning differently by including special celebrations or festivals of Scotland in the itinerary. And the good thing is you can immediately begin planning your trip. March is only a month and a few days away. During this time, temperatures become 2 to 6 degrees warmer, creating a perfect celebration atmosphere, with days also getting longer. Snowfall stops, and trees start blossoming. Easter also falls around the same time, so it can be fun to do some island hopping.

For campervan requirements, you can check Before this, let’s dig into events that are worth considering.

A three-day Fife Whisky Festival will occur from March 1 to 3, with more than 35 distilleries to explore. You can expect even more. You can visit all the stands and sip a glass of whisky. Some special programs can also be organised. It will be fantastic if you get the tickets now because these often sell out faster. If it happens, you will have to wait for the following year. Or, you can visit Speyside’s malt whisky track dotted with 50 distilleries. You can learn about whisky’s background and taste some of the finest brands. En route, you can check serene beaches, fishing villages, mountains, and forests from the north to the south. However, the weather has to be compatible with this type of trail exploration. 

The spring-time Aberdeen Jazz Festival can be held from 14 or 16 March to 24 or 26 March 2024. Any music lover can easily relate to the energy of this event that covers the entire range of jazz from raucous to traditional to smooth. It is also the second biggest jazz festival in Scotland. During this time, the spirit in the city will be high as international, national, and local artists perform. Jam sessions and workshops allow you to witness budding talents, too. Take advantage of this chance to immerse yourself in Scotland’s authentic cultural fabric.

  • Commemoration of the Jacobite Rising

Any Scotland travel diary will be incomplete without a quick trip to Culloden Battlefield, which witnessed one of history’s most brutal battles where 1,600 men were killed in under one hour. The fateful day is recorded as the Jacobite Rising of 1745/1746. Although the commemoration ceremony occurs in April, you can visit this place in March to avoid the crowd. It will allow you to soak yourself in its rich atmosphere.

Surfing buffs can go to Thurso town to witness the Scottish National Surfing Championships between the 29th and 31st of March 2024. The event sees participation from the country’s best surfers.

Campervan tours in Scotland in March can be most rewarding as the spring season will be on its way, and many places will become accessible after the winter. It’s also the best time to scan its mountains and islands before the tourist rush starts. Amid the home-like comfort of the campervan on the road, you can experience the true joys of vacationing.


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