Our List Of Completely, 100% Real Names Of Our Male Board Of Directors, So People Invest in Our Female Run Company – Jarastyle



You can tell they are competent by just looking at their names

Susan SassiThe Belladonna ComedyPhoto by Kampus Production on Pexels

John Mann

Dick Mann

Manny Mann

Jean Claude Man Damme

Guy Johnson

John Johnson

John-John Johnson

Earl Bossman

Senor Dudebro

Monsieur Moneydaddy

Herr Karl FrauleinHater

Stan McMansplain

Pat Riarky

Dave White-Maleprivelage

Al B. Incharge

Baron Von Bignards

Ivin lotta Testosterinio

Arti Talks-A-Lot-Over-Women

Woody Hugh Get-McCoffee-Sweetie

Ahma So Competent, Women Who Work for NASA Will Want To Make Me Oatmeal

Biff Chadwick

Susan Sassi is a comedy writer, self-producing artist, and professional Cathy impersonator living in Los Angeles. She is originally from New Jersey and a very proud helicopter cat mom.| Twitter: @sassers_ | Instagram: @susansassi | website: www.susansassi.com |

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