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A living testament to the transformative power of a health-conscious lifestyle, Jamie Koll, best described as an ingredient expert and an online health coach, joins us in this interview for an exclusive insight into her everyday life. 

From cultivating healthy habits to shedding light on often overlooked toxic practices in modern life, follow along as we sit down with Jamie Koll to learn more about her brand, GirlsWhoEat, and what it’s like to be an educational health influencer. 

Who is Jamie Koll Off-Camera? 

Jamie Koll: On What It’s Like To Be An Educational Health InfluencerJamie Koll: On What It’s Like To Be An Educational Health Influencer

An advocate for holistic health and wellness, and a supportive figure in the landscape of female entrepreneurship, Jamie’s positive impact extends beyond the valuable information she preaches online. 

She tells us, “Aside from the passions everyone recognizes me for, I also have a serious case of wanderlust, having visited 30 countries so far and planning my next escape to Mexico City.” 

Despite her commitment to eating clean and advocating for healthy diets, Jamie Koll is also a foodie at heart and loves to explore new restaurants and try new foods. 

She says, “I do my best to eat clean at home, but when I’m out every now and then, I like to enjoy myself and try new things.” 

The Birth Of Jamie’s Health Content  

With content born out of necessity, Jamie Koll’s Journey as an educational health influencer can be traced back to a pivotal moment in 2018 when she was diagnosed with a lifelong chronic disease.

Jamie Koll: On What It’s Like To Be An Educational Health InfluencerJamie Koll: On What It’s Like To Be An Educational Health Influencer

She briefly explains, “The unprecedented illness expanded my perspective, urging me to be more cautious about what I consumed, eventually evolving into a lifestyle and passion for the almost immediate benefits I’ve gained from it.”

“By Investigating labels and extensively researching ingredients, I learned the transformative healing powers of living a healthy lifestyle. I began to perceive food as natural medicine, and this unique insight brought to life the urge to help as many misled individuals reap the same benefits.”

Furthermore, she has always harbored a deep passion for exploring new products and sharing them with her inner circle. 

Adopting the role of an educational health influencer allowed her to expand upon this passion, bringing high-quality recommendations to a wider audience and ensuring they receive only the best of the best.

The Value Offered as an Educational Health Influencer 

Jamie Koll: On What It’s Like To Be An Educational Health InfluencerJamie Koll: On What It’s Like To Be An Educational Health Influencer

From educational videos aimed at the masses and free resources for living a better life to exclusive insights of e-books tailored to the popular demand of endless DMs and inquiries

The Free Ingredient Glossary

“The free ingredient glossary was created to empower and educate my audience at no financial cost; if you’re doing your best to improve and excel, I got you!.” 

Jamie Koll elaborates, “This resource has been developed through years of meticulous research and covers over 800 ingredients commonly found in food, beverages, supplements, beauty products, and household items. It serves as followers’ main tool to decipher the coded, misleading ingredients.”

Jamie also stresses that all ingredients in the Glossary are FDA-approved, yet according to her standards, not all of them are clean and safe to consume. 

The Educational E-book Collection 

“I made the e-books as a guide to alternatives; after receiving endless DMs asking for the best swaps of products, I took the time to research and create affordable and concise guides that cover everything from beauty and household items to wellness/medicine and grocery shopping.”

In addition to the swap books, Jamie Koll also expanded the collection to engaging self-paced Challenge e-books designed to help individuals become experts in understanding ingredient labels for food, beauty, and more. 

Jamie Koll says that Over 6,000 people have participated in these challenges, reporting benefits ranging from improved skin health to reduced gut issues.

A Day in The Life of an Educational Health Influencer

Unlike your standard influencer and health guru, Jamie’s online presence is perceived as a business more than anything else. 

She tells us, “No two days are the same for me, with a constant juggle between managing a team, business admin tasks, checking social media, and a lot of calls; GirlsWhoEat goes beyond just me creating informative content.” 

In addition to the busy business-centric healthy lifestyle, Jamie Koll has to make time to stay true to what got her where she is today and hands-on contribute to all the creative tasks of her team, from writing e-books to responding to direct messages and inquiries.

Unlike many influencers, Jamie Koll has her team in-house, so she is hands-on and involved, from forming partnerships to developing new e-books and spearheading new exciting projects.

What Are The Most Common Misconceptions In Your Industry?

  • Natural flavors are natural. 
  • Living a non-toxic lifestyle is expensive.
  • Living a clean lifestyle is restrictive.
  • You need to change everything at once. 

The challenges of being an educational Health Influencer.

Profit-centric Creators Selling Fear 

“My commitment is to education, fostering an environment where individuals can cherry-pick what works for them, and recognizing bio-individuality.” 

“However, the space can often be cluttered with other creators who prioritize profit and sell fear instead of knowledge, which highly affects people’s perception of educational health influecers.”

The Mental Health Effect

“Creators can have an opinion and receive a lot of hate from others who are ignorant to the value provided, and that takes mental strength to overcome.”

“Mental health also ties into the time you spend on social media. How much time you spend is directly linked to how much money you can make. It’s important to take social media breaks to prioritize mental health.” 

What Are A Few Basic Steps To a Non-toxic Lifestyle?  

Air and Water Quality At Home. 

“Our water is full of heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides, so swapping out your water filter is one of the most important swaps! Your indoor air is also more toxic than the outside air, and I recommend an air purifier with HEPA and charcoal filters.” 

Swap Toxic Seed Oils

“Replace toxic seed oils with better alternatives like avocado, extra virgin olive oil, ghee, and coconut oil. More can be learned with the Guide to Clean Food.

Read Labels When You Shop. 

“When grocery shopping, pop up the Ingredient Glossary and investigate 3 to 5 ingredients to understand better what you’re consuming, and make it a habit until you are familiar with industrial deceptions.”

What Do You Look For In Brand Partnerships? 

When considering partnerships, there are several key elements Jamie prioritizes to ensure authenticity and value for her community:

Ingredients and Integrity

“Ingredients are by far the most important and non-negotiable criteria when collaborating with brands.” 

“Integrity spans ingredients, quality, and products, and I only engage with brands that align with my standards to live up to the trust my followers have in me.”

Transparency and Trust

“I’m only open to partnerships with brands that thoroughly share information about their ingredients, manufacturing processes, and overall ethos. 

“Brands must trust and believe in my approach and understand that I truly live this portrayed lifestyle, and it isn’t a character I play. Therefore, communication and promotion will always be according to my inbound methods of deliverance.”


Wrapping up the interview, Jamie tells us, “I’m constantly exploring new categories to provide holistic options across health and wellness for my audience, inclusive of themselves, their families, friends, kids, and even pets.”

More importantly, I believe in sharing an abundance of free content without gatekeeping and fostering an environment that encourages learning and exploration.” 

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