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Meet Icess, a Toronto-based vlogger who shares an authentic look into her upscale, chaotic lifestyle through spontaneous videos. On camera, Icess is the same bubbly, real personality she is offline, openly expressing all emotions to her audience like family. Behind the scenes, she unwinds through hobbies like cooking and quality family time.

Rather than obsess over virality, Icess focuses on consistency and catering to her loyal niche. She hasn’t revealed all her talents online yet, like singing. Some video ideas come from impulsive in-the-moment inspiration. As a pro, Icess’ process is now organized: jotting creative ideas in a journal to revisit later with a structured approach.

Who is Icess off-Camera?

Canadian Vlogger Icess: On Turning Her Lifestyle Into A Full-time CareerCanadian Vlogger Icess: On Turning Her Lifestyle Into A Full-time Career

“I can confidently say that the person I am on camera is the same girl that you would see off camera. When I first started my content creation journey, I wanted my videos to reflect who I am in my daily life. 

I wanted my full personality to shine through my videos and to express every emotion to my audience.” 

Icess adds, “While most of my content is positive energy, I’m not afraid of sharing any challenges I may face. I love being one hundred percent real with my audience and treating them like family!”

What Does A Day In The Life Of A Toronto Vlogger look Like?

Canadian Vlogger Icess: On Turning Her Lifestyle Into A Full-time Career

Canadian Vlogger Icess: On Turning Her Lifestyle Into A Full-time Career

In the life of a Vlogger, every day brings something new, she tells us. From editing videos at home to filming in and around Toronto, much of the lifestyle is spontaneous and chaotic.

Striving to be efficient, Icess explains that her creative days get extremely busy, as she often shoots 4 to 6 videos daily. 

Although Icess’ life is an open book for her followers, there remains an unshared side that she likes to keep to herself. From the hidden singing talent yet to be presented to the online community to relaxing hobbies to compensate for the excessive screentime like cooking and quality time with family. 

Do You Believe There Is a Strategy To Go Viral? 

“If you strictly focus on making a “viral” video every time you post, you’ll never be satisfied. The reality is not every single video is going to get millions of views, and that’s okay!

So, instead of focusing on virality, focus on consistency. Focus on producing good

quality content that caters to the loyal audience that you already have.”

Icess elaborates on the importance of follower satisfaction: “Prioritize the people who already follow you and engage with your videos.. 

“When you stop focusing on numbers and statistics, content creation becomes much more fun. Your social media channels will eventually grow when doing things with  so be patient and enjoy the process.” 

Tell Us About Challenging Moments Of Your Online Journey

Canadian Vlogger Icess: On Turning Her Lifestyle Into A Full-time CareerCanadian Vlogger Icess: On Turning Her Lifestyle Into A Full-time Career

Navigating The Influencer World As An Introvert 

“When I first entered the industry, I was shy and did not have any friends, and I can assure you that whenever I attended an event for creators, I was very nervous. Small talk was my biggest enemy!”

“But as I’ve grown and experienced the industry for over a year, I have finally broken out of my shell and realized how important it is to network and meet people with similar interests. I can honestly say that I am quite the extrovert these days, and the old me would be shocked.”

What Does The Creative Process Look Like For You?

Journaling Ideas 

“I have a journal that contains all of my ideas and goals inside of it. Each month, I make a list of video ideas that I plan to film and try to tackle them day by day. The journal also contains ideas for engaging hooks, editing tips, analytics, and more! It helps to have everything on paper so that I can look at it when I need to and refer to it later on.” 

Impulsive Content Ideas

“Aside from the planned vlogs, I sometimes get brilliant on-the-spot Ideas inspired by the situation, location, or state of mind I’m in.” 

“These types of vlog ideas almost never miss and pop up to be executed right there and then. No overthinking or planning. I just pick up my phone and shoot.” 

Icess stresses that things are no longer a hit-or-miss as a professional full-time creator. Instead, the creative process is exceptionally organized, jotting down all potential content ideas and then coming back to complete and enhance them once it’s time to shoot.

What Do Brand Deals Look Like For You? 

“I’ve been blessed to work with many local and international companies, each different from the other, but they have all been equally as exciting. No matter how many brand deals I’ve had in the past, I always get butterflies in my stomach when I have the opportunity to work with a company I love.”

Despite her success rate in promoting various brands and businesses and some of her best-performing videos being sponsored ones, Icess has one non-negotiable when it comes to brands. 

“I Only Work With Brands I Believe In”

“As I mentioned previously, I treat my audience as my family, and that means being honest, and holding a responsibility towards them when it comes to advertisements and recommendations.

Not only does the brand have to resonate with her niche and content, but she’s firm on only promoting products or services she would purchase herself.

What’s Next For Your Influencer Career?  

“I have worked hard to make this my full-time job and I see myself doing this for a long time. 

With a passion for almost everything related to entertainment! I would love to continue exploring other forms of entertainment, such as modeling, acting, and music.”

“I firmly believe in the phrase “never stop learning,” and with that being said, I am excited to see what new hobbies and interests I pick up in the future and share online.”

What Tips of Advice Do You Have For Aspiring Vloggers? 

Try New Things and Explore Your Talent 

“Trying new things and entering a new territory can be intimidating, but at the end of the day, if you dream of becoming a certain person, then do it!! The only thing stopping you is you.”

Believe In Yourself And Don’t Stop Posting 

“Finally, my biggest word of advice to aspiring creators is to stay consistent and believe in yourself. If you have a desire to do it, then that means it’s possible simply because you believe so.” 

Wrapping up the interview Icess adds, “There had been a few times before I started social media where I wanted to post content but shied away from the idea because I was scared. 

After posting my first video, I was so happy with myself and continued! If things do not work out the first time, then stay consistent and keep trying. Don’t limit yourself and follow your dreams; where there’s a will, there’s a way.” 


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