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BOND is a new social commerce platform founded in 2022 that aims to replicate the experience of personalized, in-person shopping through technology. Founded by Maddie Raedts and Sam Robinson, BOND seeks to combine content, community, and commerce into one seamless destination for consumers looking to discover and purchase fashion, beauty, and other lifestyle products.

With over 15 years of experience across fashion, luxury, influencer marketing, and the creator economy, Maddie Raedts is strategically positioned to tap into the social shopping zeitgeist. As she puts it, “Our mission is to combine content and curation to form the ultimate destination for discovery and shopping, in a seamless in-app checkout experience.”

BOND: New Social Commerce Startup Bridges Content, Community & Commerce

According to Raedts, BOND is “a fully verticalized commerce platform” complete with “an end-to-end integrated commerce solution, supported by AI.” The goal is to replicate the feeling of personalized, one-on-one shopping guidance and recommendations by leveraging technology.

Raedts believes that “human to human connections” must remain “the driving force for cultural change” even as commerce moves increasingly online. BOND aims to digitize that human touch at scale, with an editorial-style approach that spotlights products through photos, videos, stories and influencer partnerships. The platform then allows users to immediately purchase featured items directly within the BOND app. This tight pairing of inspiration and transaction expands on the standard ecommerce model by fostering an engaged community element.

The platform aims to drive discovery and personalization through original creator content and AI-enabled recommendations. As Raedts outlines, “BOND is a completely new commerce experience centered around discovery, personalization, and supported by a diverse group of creators who make original content.”

On the backend, BOND offers brands access to tools for building creator partnerships, managing product gifting and seeding, analyzing data, and unlocking social commerce at scale. An integrated checkout experience allows for seamless transactions without leaving the app.

This unique combination of human connections via creator relationships and machine intelligence through AI and analytics engines signifies BOND’s next generation approach. The platform ultimately strives to deliver “the stickiness of a social platform, but on a shopping platform” tailor-made for the future of digital retail.

For brands, BOND aims to provide an alternative to rigid marketplaces and costly direct-to-consumer approaches through flexible API integrations and built-in user acquisition channels. As Raedts explains, “Our API integration solves the rigidness of traditional marketplaces for brands, while also giving them an efficient channel to acquire and engage with new users.”

On the creator side, BOND lets influencers “authentically connect with their fans and share the brands they love” through video-based shoppable content. As Raedts puts it, “The video-based content on BOND gives creators a new, and more authentic way to engage with their audiences, opening up their closets and enabling their followers to shop their looks in real-time.”

And for the consumer, BOND merges product discovery and content in a highly visual, personalized experience described by Raedts as “seamlessly blend[ing] product-led and content-led discovery, all packaged within a slick UX and UI.”

BOND closed a $2 million pre-seed funding round led by Nordstar and with participation from firms such as Day One Ventures and Nomad Capital. Additional individual investors including Intermix founder Khajak Keledjian, Magic Mind CEO James Beshara and others also contributed.

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