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Clearbot robot boat collecting plastic waste from river

In a bid to tackle river and ocean pollution in India, Hong Kong-based marine technology start-up, Clearbot, is launching a fleet of larger solar-powered autonomous boats.

Clearbot previously deployed 13 boats capable of collecting up to 250 kg of plastic waste daily for projects in Hong Kong and India. Each of their new self-driving electric boats collects approximately 500 kg of plastic waste and other debris from the river and ocean. The boats collect waste from the surface of the water and deposit it in designated areas for collection and recycling.

Founded by University of Hong Kong graduates in 2019, Clearbot harnesses solar power for its fleet, thus eliminating carbon emissions associated with conventional diesel-powered vessels that traditionally perform these tasks.

India contributes approximately 13 per cent of global ocean plastic. With at least 11 million tonnes of plastic entering oceans annually, initiatives like Clearbot’s represent vital steps toward alleviating environmental degradation.


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