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Denislene Martinez is brazilian and a digital creator/influencer now settled in the US. She embarked on her motherhood-driven content creation journey inspired by her daughter’s birth. Navigating the challenges of authenticity, mental health, and evolving algorithms, she found her stride by fostering genuine connections with fellow moms. From photography passion to moving to a different country, Deni’s resilience and empathy shine through, leaving an indelible mark on the influencer space.

Navigating Motherhood And Being An Influencer: Denislene Martinez’s Story

Can you share with us the story behind how you started your journey as an influencer and content creator? What inspired you to venture into this space?

Denislene Martinez, a Brazilian native now settled in the US, embarked on her influencer journey after the birth of her daughter. “I couldn’t go back to work. I couldn’t just leave her,” she recounts, with unwavering support from her husband Joseph.

Guided by another influencer’s suggestion, Deni entered the content creation world with no prior experience. “I saw that as an opportunity to stay home with my daughter and future kids,” she shares, acknowledging the learning curve she faced in the early days.

Over three and a half years, Deni invested in equipment and marketing, even taking a social media marketing course to elevate her game. Her husband’s photography skills played a crucial role, while her family-in-law stepped in to help manage her busy schedule.

The turning point arrived when a company reached out after six months. “I was so proud of myself,” Deni shares, reflecting on her first paid collaboration. This marked the realization that her passion could fuel her career and motherhood simultaneously.

Navigating Motherhood And Being An Influencer - Jarastyle Teen's

Balancing authenticity and privacy, Deni adapts her style while involving her kids thoughtfully in her content. She’s driven by her determination and unwavering friendships, particularly her husband and her friend Ketlen who keeps her motivated on tough days.

Your content is all about lifestyle and motherhood, resonating deeply with your audience. What inspired you to choose these topics, and how do you feel they allow you to connect with your followers on a personal level?

In her quest for the perfect niche, Deni faced challenges, admitting, “It was really hard.” She eventually realized a strong resonance with moms, embracing unfiltered moments with the remark, “I don’t really care how I show myself in stories. I like showing real mom life.” 

Through interactions, she found common ground, with some of her followers saying, “Your kids are like mine and you don’t pretend to be the perfect mom.” This led her to conduct a poll, discovering her followers craved “motherhood and lifestyle” content. 

Rejecting filters, she asserted, “I prefer seeing people being real,” appreciating her followers’ support during tough times. Deni’s authenticity cultivated a profound connection, especially among fellow moms, fostering safe spaces for open conversations. Her journey underscores the power of relatability in forming an engaged online community.

Building an online presence requires dedication and consistency. How did you manage to balance your roles as a content creator, influencer, and mother throughout your journey?

Balancing the roles of content creator, influencer, and mother is an ongoing challenge for Deni. She candidly shares, “To be really honest right now, since I had my third baby, I’m still trying to find my new balance.” With a two-year-old demanding more attention, she emphasizes that her family’s needs take precedence. Organizing her tasks is crucial, and she maintains an agenda for content creation. She finds windows to create her contents when her children are cared for.

Deni’s priority list is clear: kids and husband first, then her role as a digital creator. She navigates the challenges of balancing work with motherhood, emphasizing the significance of organization. Even though the perfect balance is elusive, Deni remains committed to her family and content creation. She realizes that each day’s equilibrium varies, making flexibility essential.

Your social media platforms showcase captivating photography. How did your passion for photography align with your content creation, and how has it contributed to your success as an influencer? 

Deni’s photography passion seamlessly merged with her influencer path. Prior to her digital creator role, she was already a photographer. Despite lacking equipment, investing in herself and teaching her husband as a photographer set the stage for captivating visuals. “We found a balance between me and him,” she shares, overcoming initial disagreements.

Her husband’s growth in photography supported her content creation. As she explores video content, Deni is adapting to visibility on camera. Additionally, her sister-in-law’s Maddi professional photography input elevates her visuals. As a photographer herself, Deni understands the value of family support.

Her alignment with photography fuels her content creator journey. “I do like to take pictures of myself,” Deni affirms. Her passion for photography was evident even from a young age. Pursuing a social media marketing communication degree complements her skills, allowing her to comprehend her journey better. With photography as her “true calling,” Deni’s visuals play a pivotal role in her influencer success.

Navigating Motherhood And Being An Influencer - Jarastyle Teen's

As an influencer in the lifestyle/motherhood niche, authenticity is crucial. How do you ensure that your content reflects your genuine experiences and connects with your audience on a deeper level?

In the realm of lifestyle and motherhood, authenticity reigns supreme. Deni ensures this authenticity by being selective with collaborations, stating, “I do not work with any company who does not align to my beliefs just for money.” She strives for partnerships that resonate with her values.

Navigating Motherhood And Being An Influencer - Jarastyle Teen's

Her genuine approach is not limited to sponsored content. Deni also shares personal moments on her TikTok, saying, “I like to show funny stuff with my kids and husband… I want to connect with them on that level.” By exposing vulnerability and messiness, she aims to foster a relatable space where her audience can feel comfortable and connected.

Deni’s commitment extends to direct engagement, as she emphasizes, “I answer all of my messages that I receive from my audience.” Even with occasional delays due to parenting, she maintains an open line of communication, nurturing genuine connections. 

Her captions and responses remain true to herself, affirming, “I want people to know that’s the real me.” This dedication creates an environment where followers can truly connect, unearthing authenticity amidst the curated world of social media.

In the rapidly evolving world of social media, algorithms, and trends play a significant role. How do you stay updated and adapt your content to stay relevant and engage your followers effectively?

In the dynamic realm of social media, Deni acknowledges the challenges posed by evolving algorithms and trends. She notes, “Instagram and social media’s been chaos right now, especially Instagram. They changed so much that I am like… What now?” To stay current, she actively researches and adapts.

To stay relevant, Deni leverages tools like reels and explores trending hashtags and audio. While she values consistency, she’s equally committed to authenticity, mentioning, “It’s all about consistency… I try to be rather authentic and original than try to follow trends.”

Embracing change, Deni plans to share more of her personal life during an upcoming trip to Brazil. She seeks to engage her audience at a deeper level, saying, “I want them to see how I actually am when I’m not trying to be a creator.” She remains attuned to the challenges of the ever-changing algorithm, recognizing the necessity to adapt and thrive in a landscape that continually shifts.

Many aspiring influencers are curious about monetizing their presence. What advice do you have for newcomers looking to turn their passion into a sustainable career in the influencer space?

For those stepping into the influencer arena seeking a sustainable career, Deni’s advice is clear: “Don’t undervalue yourself.” She candidly confesses she made that mistake initially. Her counsel is to steer clear of partnerships that don’t align with your beliefs or that fail to acknowledge your value.

Deni emphasizes the significance of knowing your worth as she shares insights from her experience guiding fellow creators. She highlights, “I always tell them to not sell themselves short and seek companies that value them. It’s not paying you your worth.” She encourages creators to scrutinize offers, especially when brands attempt to capitalize on their content inexpensively.

While Deni embraces trades, she asserts that negotiations should reflect both parties’ needs and budgets. She underscores flexibility with small businesses while holding larger corporations accountable. For Deni, monetizing isn’t about sacrificing integrity or value—it’s about understanding and confidently asserting your worth.

Being a content creator can be creatively demanding. How do you overcome creative blocks and keep your ideas fresh to consistently produce captivating content?

Deni’s creative process blends spontaneity with strategic preparation. When brands request specific content ideas, she admits it can be demanding. “I like to be spontaneous,” she mentions, emphasizing that capturing multiple shots helps her decide on the best one to present.

For companies requiring upfront ideas, Deni’s solution is thorough research. “I study them before I reach out to them,” she reveals. By diving into a brand’s values and offerings, she tailors her concepts to align perfectly with their profile and audience preferences.

Her advice for battling creative blocks is clear: “Embrace a strategic approach.” Deni’s method involves understanding the brand’s essence and creating ideas that resonate both with them and her audience. It’s about striking the balance between inspiration and meticulous planning.

Could you share a significant challenge you faced during your journey and how you overcame it?

Deni’s journey has been marked by formidable challenges, particularly in the realm of mental health. She candidly reveals the emotional toll of negative comments and pressures from companies. “You have to love yourself no matter what,” she emphasizes, acknowledging the struggle of maintaining self-esteem.

The weight of both personal and family responsibilities compounds her mental health challenges. Caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s and bipolar disorder while navigating the demands of her digital creator career creates overwhelming pressure.

Deni’s strategy for resilience involves taking breaks when needed, regardless of external expectations. “Sometimes out of nowhere, I’m like, ‘That’s it. Today was my limit,’” she admits. Recognizing the importance of self-care, she is determined to conquer mental health obstacles and find the balance between her personal and digital creator life.

Along your journey, you must have received both positive and negative feedback. How do you handle criticism constructively while staying true to your brand’s voice and vision?

Deni approaches criticism constructively, sharing, “I don’t debate… I’m not a keyboard warrior.” Negative comments do affect her, but she chooses not to respond. Addressing accent criticism, she firmly states, “If you really want to criticize me, I just need you to show yourself and have an open mind.” 

Deni acknowledges negative comments impact her mentally, leading her to create a safe space for moms. Her husband’s support is crucial, as she admits, “I have a person I can lean on.” 

She values authenticity in content creation and rejects being a salesperson, explaining, “I’m here to expand to a wider audience.” She emphasizes her content resonates differently with various people and that criticism comes with the territory.

What are your current views and perspectives on the influencer marketing industry, and what changes or trends do you foresee shaping the space for the remainder of this year?

Deni shares her views on the booming influencer marketing industry, noting its significant growth. She states, “I think that these spaces have grown drastically right now.” 

With a focus on authenticity, she cautions companies to discern between true creators and those pretending, saying, “Some companies need to start realizing who are genuine creators and who is just to pretending they’re influencers.”Deni sees a promising future with increasing company investments and predicts, “Until the end of the year, things are gonna get much better.” 

Despite the challenge of managing multiple platforms, she highlights TikTok’s rising importance, explaining, “TikTok has been my biggest challenge, but I do think that companies are taking TikTok more seriously than Instagram.”

Her advice for fellow influencers revolves around uniqueness: “You have to find what is best for you; what works for you? And don’t just copy.” 

As a creator who is also a mother, you serve as an inspiration to many moms looking to embark on a similar journey. What advice would you give to moms who aspire to start a career as an influencer and thrive in the creator economy?

For moms aspiring to become successful influencers, Deni offers valuable advice from her own experience. She emphasizes the importance of self-care and finding a balance. “Take care of yourself first as a mom,” she advises, highlighting that prioritizing your well-being enables you to excel in all roles. She also stresses the significance of patience in motherhood, asserting that it’s a virtue that influences her parenting approach.” “Although I don’t have a lot of patience, constantly trying to improve myself.” She says

Deni underscores the need for understanding and support from partners or family members. “You need to have priorities, set an agenda,” she suggests. Her advice centers on authenticity and being relatable. “Allow your kids to be kids,” she states, encouraging fellow moms to showcase their real selves online rather than striving for perfection. She believes that when you portray your life authentically, people connect with you on a personal level, fostering genuine engagement.

Looking ahead, what exciting projects or ventures are you planning to pursue in the near future, and how do you envision your role evolving in the ever-changing landscape of the creator economy?

Looking ahead, Deni shared her exciting plans to travel to Brazil and integrate her experiences into her content. She’s in the process of a big surprise for moms, rooted in her love for modesty and her Christian beliefs. “I want people to see me as a Christian, to show what I actually believe in,” she says.

Revealing her resilience, Deni talks about her past venture’s challenges and her passion for martial arts. She’s eager to incorporate more fitness content and potentially start a ballet class for kids in need.

Deni’s authenticity shines through as she acknowledges the reality of motherhood, saying, “I can’t pretend to be the perfect mom who wakes up in the morning and get everything ready before the kids wake up.” Her commitment to supporting other moms and promoting gentle parenting emerged strongly. “Being a gentle parent… it’s how they’re showing their feelings at the moment. Gentle parenting is not allowing your kids to step all over you but being firm and at the same time making sure they know how much you love them.”

In wrapping up, Deni’s words reflected her genuine desire to create a community: “I’m gonna be there to help… every mom is different, and every kid is too. What works for one doesn’t work for everyone.” Her journey showcases how authenticity and empathy drive her impact on the creator economy, extending beyond products to empowering and uplifting others.


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