Mount Sinai Hospital Labor and Delivery Unit Class of January ’24 Reunion – Jarastyle

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Mount Sinai Hospital Labor and Delivery Unit Class of January ’24 Reunion - Jarastyle

Holy shit, Colton! I haven’t seen you in ages, man. It’s been, what, two weeks? Bro, you’ve grown so much hair since then! Last time I saw you at Mommy and Me you still had that cueball head. You know what they say—you hit three months and it’s all cowlicks from there on out, am I right?

Yeah, Mama and I have been good. Just the daily grind, trying to bang out those milestones. You know how it is. Starting to roll over, yep. All that tummy time finally paying off, you know what I’m saying!

What’s that? You’re starting daycare soon? Man, I am so stoked for you! No really, that’s great. I mean, I’m just surprised. I thought three months was too early to go. Fuck, that’s cool.

Me? No, still home with Mama. She and Dada talked about daycare but there’s something called “money” and money’s not worth it. Your mama didn’t say anything about that?

Well congrats, man, that’s a big move. I’m so excited for you, but, let’s be honest, you’re not even sitting unsupported yet. Like, huge leap of faith. But I guess that’s why we called you Kamikaze Colton back in the unit! Hey, remember when you wouldn’t stop screaming your head off whenever anyone set you down? Those nurses fucking hated you, bro.

Always fearless, always fearless.

Yep, still home but I’ll be onto the next thing soon enough. It can be a lot though, right? Do you feel like you’re getting the same kick out of developing new skills? But, can’t complain! Today I literally felt grass for the first time. Grass! It turns out grass is everywhere outside of Home and Stroller.

I dunno, maybe the post-discharge high is wearing off a bit. The first few weeks were so exciting. Like moving objects! What a trip! But ever since my visual tracking came in, it’s like, “OK, what’s next?” Same shit, different day, ha ha!

But I do feel bad for Mama. We’re both crying a lot these days. We’re working on communicating better but how can I tell her this feels like the same day repeating itself over and over when I can’t coordinate my vocalizations yet? No, no, I’m fine, I’m just a little gassy. All good. If you have any tips on how to make mamas stop crying, you let me know! Ha ha!

Anyway! Have you heard of babbling? Yeah, Liam at the playground—no, he’s not a Mount Sinai man. Langone NICU ‘24, I think. So he started making all these wild sounds the other day. Just riffing, man. Obviously I can’t show you, but it was insane. His mama told Mama that he had just started babbling and my ears totally pricked up. I’ve been in a bit of a rut but I think things will really turn around for me once I figure out babbling.

It’s so important to have a growth mindset.

Yeah, anyway. How about food though, right? You haven’t tried it? Seriously?! Bro, let me give you a little tip. It’s totally organic, homemade, fresh. It’s got this crazy mouthfeel. Even if I had words, words couldn’t describe it. Yeah, three months is a little early but, seriously, you’ve got to get in on this early, before the hype kicks in. I’m not sure how much food there is.

But even that, man. I used to love food so much but it’s like I just don’t care anymore. Like, I used to get so stoked putting on the bib every morning but now it’s just something I have to do or else Mama loses her fucking mind. There’s this whole toxic cycle where Mama brings the food to my mouth, I turn away, so she starts crying and then I’m crying. Honestly, it’s a fucking mess at home, man.

And then you’re just chasing the next milestone, right? Like, I just discovered my hands and feet–

Oh you too? Ha! What a trip right? Does your mama ever try to eat your little piggies? Fucking hilarious.

But like I was saying, I’ve just achieved this huge milestone and already I’m thinking, “Ok, what comes next?” I thought the awe of experiencing everything for the first time would be so magical but it all starts to blend together. Then you’re chasing the next milestone. Pulling to stand? First words? Ok, what then? You know what I mean? I want to slow down and take it all in but it’s like there’s a checklist of things I’m supposed to do and I can never just fucking enjoy it.

Sorry, man, I’m not usually this much of a downer. Seriously, I’m actually a really easy baby. No, I’m good, I’m good. I don’t know why I’m crying. Just drank my bottle a little too fast, that’s all. I’m fine.

Whew, Ok.

But hey, I heard you and your mama are starting Baby Yoga next month! Me and Mama too! That’s going to be great. Yeah, I think things will turn around for me when I start yoga.


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