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Launched by Eric Dahan, a seasoned pioneer in the influencer marketing space, Mighty Joy emerged in 2023 as a beacon for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands and high-growth companies seeking to amplify their presence through full-funnel influencer marketing campaigns. This new venture is Dahan’s latest contribution to the digital marketing field, building on his rich legacy as the co-founder and former CEO of Open Influence, where he spearheaded over 150,000 marketing activations for major names like Disney, Unilever, and Amazon.

Mighty Joy is designed to bridge the gap between community engagement and social commerce, offering services ranging from TikTok Shops and creator affiliate programs to user-generated content and community management. At its core, Mighty Joy aims to transform how brands interact with and leverage the creator economy, providing a holistic approach that prioritizes Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and long-term brand building over short-lived campaigns.

“I believe that your brand is your community—period. If people believe in your community and want to be part of it, then you will flourish. Everything else is something people could essentially copy,” Dahan asserts. “Our goal is to shake up the status quo by helping brands develop ongoing relationships with creators that build their communities over time, while also meeting their  immediate business objectives day to day,” he elaborates. 

Dahan’s conviction that a brand’s community—not its logo, design, or even its products—is its most defining and valuable asset marks a significant shift towards what he terms “community commerce.” “Every brand is going to be valued based on their community, not on anything else,” Dahan emphasizes. 

Navigating Challenges and Bridging Worlds in Influencer Marketing

Dahan emphasizes the critical importance of developing a bespoke strategy that resonates with each brand’s unique goals and value proposition. “Every brand has its own story, its own goals. Our job is to craft strategies that not only reflect these unique attributes but also set them apart in the digital landscape,” Dahan explains. 

Following the strategic planning, Mighty Joy leverages various channels to execute these plans. “The selection of platforms and creators is not random; it’s a carefully curated process to ensure every piece aligns with the brand’s objectives,” Dahan points out. Whether it involves TikTok shops, affiliate programs, or gifting strategies, the execution is designed to create a seamless integration of the brand’s vision with the chosen engagement channels.

For creators looking to partner with Mighty Joy, the onboarding process is designed to be as straightforward and engaging as possible. “We’ve built a user-friendly portal that simplifies the way creators can connect with us, specify their collaboration preferences, and highlight their unique strengths,” Dahan says. This process, according to Dahan, is about more than just signing up; it’s about creating a bridge between creators and the brands that match their interests and strengths.

“We’re moving away from the impersonal, automated interactions that are all too common in our industry. Our platform enables direct engagement, whether through text messages, DMs, or other methods, ensuring that creators feel heard and valued,” Dahan notes.

Empowering Emerging Creators: Mighty Joy’s Approach

“It’s not about just working with the big names,” Dahan explains, highlighting the company’s commitment to diversifying the influencer marketing landscape by supporting creators at various stages of their journey. 

One of the inadvertent yet impactful ways Mighty Joy supports emerging creators is by funding and supporting their content creation efforts. Dahan emphasizes the value seen in creators’ specific niche connections, stating, “We rather have twenty micro creators with 15,000 followers each than three with 100,000 followers.” This philosophy extends to User-Generated Content (UGC) creators as well, who may have only a few thousand followers but produce content that aligns with the brands’ ethos and campaign goals. 

Dahan acknowledges the challenges creators face in the initial stages of building their audience, such as staying motivated and financially sustainable. Mighty Joy’s model offers a solution by providing opportunities for these creators to monetize their passion early on. “It is really hard when you’re just building out and you only have 5,000 followers and you can’t really earn a living off your following, but you’re really passionate about what you’re creating,” he notes. 

Crafting Success in the Creator Economy: Mighty Joy’s Strategic Triumphs

Dahan shares one notable success story; the collaboration with Happy Head, a premium hair loss treatment brand. “We took them from 0 to 130 creator partnerships in less than two months”, he explains. This rapid scale-up was achieved through a meticulously crafted affiliate program and a dedicated effort to get creators excited and knowledgeable about Tappy’s product. The strategic initiative not only broadened Happy Head’s reach but also positioned it as a leader in the hair loss treatment market.

Another triumph was with an air purifier client, Rabbit Air, which sought to appeal to a wide array of customers, including those suffering from allergies and parents concerned about air quality. Dahan elaborates on the approach, saying, “We looked at creators for whitelisting purposes, allowing us to drive a ROAS of 1 to 3 times more than their normal paid ads.” By leveraging niche creators and focusing on storytelling, Mighty Joy was able to articulate the air purifier’s value effectively, overcoming price barriers and emphasizing its superior design and functionality.

Dahan emphasizes the importance of storytelling and mission-driven marketing, stating, “It’s important to remember that mission as you’re going to market, and not forget it.” 

Mastering the Art of Influence: Mighty Joy’s Blueprint for Brands and Creators

“It’s interesting because I feel like influencer marketing, for some brands, Is almost seen as a ‘nice to have’” Dahan begins. ” But that’s not the case, it’s really must-have in today’s world, and DTC brands that have embraced it have seen incredible success,” he observes. 

Dahan believes that many companies treat influencer marketing as a checkbox rather than a channel ripe for optimization. “A lot of companies are just checking off a box, as opposed to really looking to optimize,” he remarks. “Influencers and creators are the most vocal and influential people within your community,” he points out, stressing the impossibility of building a community-centric brand without them. He critiques the shortsighted strategy of pumping more money into traditional advertising, advocating instead for a focus on engaging with creators, influencers, and even customers as brand advocates.

To aspiring creators, Dahan offers personal insights gleaned from his own journey and observations of successful influencers. “Find your content well,” he advises, urging creators to explore topics that genuinely excite them. Dahan believes that authenticity and passion are critical to creating content that resonates. “If you’re not excited about it, it’s going to be terrible, and people are going to pick up on that,” he warns. 

Navigating the Waves of Change: Staying Ahead in Influencer Marketing

“I made the mistake early on in my career of just chasing the new shiny object.” This relentless pursuit led to an important realization. “I was getting exhausted,” Dahan shares, reflecting on the moment he decided to change course. He developed a framework that prioritized the big picture over fleeting trends, a move that has significantly influenced Mighty Joy’s success.

According to Dahan, understanding the overarching movements in the industry is crucial. “Knowing that the future is community commerce, knowing that social commerce has been coming online for a while,” he explains, has allowed him to identify and seize opportunities quickly. When TikTok shops emerged, for example, Dahan saw it not as a challenge but as a confirmation of his strategic foresight. “This fits into our thesis perfectly,” he says, highlighting the agility with which his team was able to adapt.

Mighty Joy’s Visionary Leap: Pioneering the Future of Creator Communities

“We’re in the alpha stage of launching a software as a service (SaaS) platform aimed at helping brands build their first-party communities of creators, influencers, and customers.” This forthcoming platform is poised to empower brands to cultivate more direct and meaningful relationships with their communities, a move that aligns perfectly with the evolving demands of the digital marketplace where authentic engagement reigns supreme.

Dahan also hints at exploring additional products in the pipeline aimed at enhancing UGC creation. “There have been companies that automated UGC at scale for brands, proving the model,” he acknowledges. However, Dahan sees room for improvement and innovation in this area. Mighty Joy is on the brink of introducing solutions that will not only automate but also refine the process of generating user content, making it more accessible and effective for brands striving to connect with their audiences in genuine ways. “I’m excited for this to come out because I think it addresses some of the shortfalls we’re seeing in the market now,” Dahan expresses.

As Mighty Joy continues to evolve, Dahan emphasizes the importance of collaboration and community, “We’re always looking for good people,” he states, underscoring the company’s commitment to growth and excellence. Mighty Joy seeks to align with brands that share their philosophy, focusing on meaningful partnerships that promise mutual growth and success. “We don’t want to just take on any brand,” Dahan explains. “We want to take brands that we can really invest in… we’d rather put our eggs in fewer baskets and grow those baskets faster.”

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