Middle School Teacher Who Got Shrek-ed! – Jarastyle Teen’s

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April 21, 2024

We all know that middle schoolers can be absolutely brutal. This tiktok video from middle school teacher @ladyjackblack is a perfect example. Sitting in her car, she starts her video by saying, “The thing about middle schoolers is that they will violently humble you, like shake you to your core.”


BRB, burning this outfit. #middleschool #millenial #teachersoftiktok #shrek

♬ Morning Person (From the Musical “Shrek”)[Piano Audition Backing Track in B] – The Accompanist


Then, she spills the beans: some of her students told her she looked like Shrek! Yes, Shrek, the big, green ogre from the movies. Then she says “I don’t even think they’re wrong” and decides to show everyone her outfit, which—get this—actually does look a lot like Shrek’s clothes!

Middle School Teacher Who Got Shrek-ed! - Jarastyle Teen'sMiddle School Teacher Who Got Shrek-ed! - Jarastyle Teen's


This TikTok isn’t just a laugh; it’s a little lesson wrapped up in a funny story. It shows us that sometimes, you’ve just got to laugh at yourself and roll with the punches. This teacher totally rocks for turning a moment of being teased into a viral TikTok hit that brings joy and laughter to people everywhere.

All parents of teens know that they can be very harsh with their words. However, they’re right sometimes and we can’t argue with the truth. Maybe some opinions are better left unsaid.


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