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Guests at Michael Rubin’s ultra-exclusive white party raised their glasses — and their eyebrows — at the weekend.

While the lucky revelers swilled top-shelf booze at the starry Hamptons bash, some, er, enterprising soul appeared to try to bask in the affair’s reflected glory.

A clip of the party appeared online emblazoned with the name of his liquor brand, which actually had nothing to do with the fete.

Summertime skeptics noticed the video on Instagram Reels, showing the swell scene with “Billionaire’s Row” — the name of a champagne and lifestyle brand belonging to William Benson, a pal of Mayor Eric Adams — superimposed.

Soused sources sniffed that he was trying to suggest that his booze was served to the guests, who included Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Kim Kardashian, Jay Z and Beyonce, among others.

Michael Rubin Michael Rubin (center) hosted the hot Fourth of July party at his Hamptons home. Instagram

One even told us, “It looks like he threw this party!”

But Rubin’s rep, told us: “Michael has no idea who [Benson] is!”

“This guy’s product and the guy [were] 1,000 percent not at the [party]. You can’t sponsor or buy your way in to the party. Everyone there is a personal friend [of Rubin],” they added.

But Benson, who we’re told lives in North Carolina, denied trying to pull one over when we reached out to him on Friday.

William BensonBenson (center) claims someone else attached his logo to the social media reel. Getty Images for Jane Owen Publi

He claimed, “Someone else put my logo on the reel, and I thought it was pretty dope.”

He deleted the posts and comments from his personal and business profiles after we got in touch.

“I was not trying to give off the impression that I was there. I don’t know Michael Rubin,” he said.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila and other spirits were served at the party.TikTok

Rubin did serve his famous pals’ liquor brands at his event, including Kevin Hart’s Grand Coramino and Kendall Jenner’s 818 — in addition to other top shelf booze, we’re told.

Meanwhile, Benson has been called out for much more than alleged champers chicanery in the past. Several women, including his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Delpe, accused him of duping them out of money to invest in the champagne company.

 “He wooed me out of my savings,” Delpe told The Post back in January.

Mayor Eric Adams and William BensonBenson allegedly used his friendship with Mayor Eric Adams to gain credibility. Instagram

His estranged wife, Danni Benson, also told The Post she gave him $500,000 to launch Billionaire’s Row, starting in 2010. His rep at the time, Jane Owen, said Danni was never granted ownership documents of the champagne and claimed Benson “founded” and “funded” a business with Delpe, without addressing specific claims about her investments in Billionaire’s Row.

Danni and other sources have accused Benson of hyping his friendship with Mayor Adams, whom he met in 2018 according to Owens, to gain more credibility.

“That’s William’s credibility. He says, ‘I know the mayor.’ He uses him to his advantage,” Danni told The Post.


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