Lip of the Day: MAC Sweet Deal Maximial Lipstick – Jarastyle

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Lip of the Day: MAC Sweet Deal Maximial Lipstick - Jarastyle

There are some things one could always rely on like the sun rising and setting, internet cats doing silly things, chin hairs spontaneously sprouting in the middle of a meeting and MAC matte lipsticks gripping onto one’s lips for dear life.

That feeling of the distinct MAC matte formula cemented to my pout—there was nothing like it!

MAC’s newly reformulated take on matte lippie via the MAC Maximal lipsticks removes that “grippy” feeling that made MAC lipsticks so long lasting. I’m wearing the shade Sweet Deal here, by the way. It’s a neutral pink.

In some ways, this new version is refreshing. It’s so lightweight that I often forget that I’m wearing it. It’s comfortable, and the matte finish is so smooth and beautiful—a modern take on matte, even. But it just doesn’t last as long. I drink a cup of coffee and it’s gone.

I used to apply an OG MAC Matte lippie in the morning and it would still be around after lunch. I think when they decided to swap the old formula in lieu of this new version, they decided that ladies and gents and everyone in between wouldn’t mind the limited wear time.

I miss the ability to put my lipstick on and just forget about it for a few hours, but I guess some things never change, including the desire to reformulate a perfectly good lipstick.

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