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The Finance Bros trend recently emerged out of memes, passionate business professionals that each have their unique take on content creation, and the lack of clarity on why they all share a similar lifestyle. 

Capitalizing on the opportunity, Finance Bro built a highly engaged community of over a quarter million followers on TikTok in less than eight months.

Today, we sit down with him as one of the founding fathers of the trend, to learn more about his journey, the unique approach he chose, and what it’s like to be a real finance bro.

Who is Finance Bro Off Camera?

Insights Into The World Of A Finance Bro Content CreatorInsights Into The World Of A Finance Bro Content Creator

“See, this is the only question I was hoping you wouldn’t ask,” he quickly answers. 

Adding, “Although I’m not too different from the Finance Bro everyone knows, diving deeper into who I am off camera takes away from the intrigue of the personality that followers grew to love.” 

“The most I can say is that I’m a passionate business student who loves comedy,” he tells us.

“However, the Finance Bro that everyone is familiar with works 180 hours per week, does white-collar crimes, and is interested in nothing else but maximizing shareholder value on his free time.”

Finance Bro explains that while it’s widely understood that he’s portraying a character in his videos, it’s never explicitly stated, which he believes helps in delivering a more engaging experience.

When and How Did It All Start?

“It started as a hobby,” he says, explaining that he noticed a market gap where there were memes about business professionals, white-collar crime comedy, educational and informative content, but no one creator appealed to all niches.

Introducing us to his journey, he tells us, “I would say that I’m one of the only people online that is broadly niche-specific, and what I mean by that is that my content appeals to anyone slightly knowledgeable about the business world.” 

Insights Into The World Of A Finance Bro Content Creator

Insights Into The World Of A Finance Bro Content Creator

There is a balance Finance Bro works to maintain, aiming to break down his comedy and skits to be in-depth and insightful enough to get the attention of business professionals yet easily understood by a first-year college student with no business background.

“What started as a hobby quickly evolved into an A/B testing experiment  to find what works, and before I knew it I was expanding from one social media platform to another, now building my YouTube channel.”

What Does The Creative Process Look Like For You?

Despite the seemingly effortless results of video stitches, text on video, and POV scenarios, Finance Bro tells us that it can sometimes be a lengthy process depending on the complexity of the original idea he’s trying to communicate. 

“It’s hectic,” he says.

“As you pointed out, I always try to make it seem as simple and authentic as possible to correlate to the idea that Finance Bro is a real person who lives this portrayed lifestyle.”

He adds, “Sometimes breaking down things that only business people can relate to is a challenge; it’s not always a popular concept I’m introducing.”

In order to simplify the creative process, dividing his work into two lists allows him to keep organized between suggested skits from followers, random thoughts of good ideas, and videos ready to shoot.

The Running List

“This list is very broad and mainly focuses on jokes and stereotypes. A good example is using LinkedIn as a dating app, stressing the importance of Microsoft Excel, and more. I can then develop skits and more specific jokes from there.”

The Ready To Record List

“This list is a range of finalized scenarios, jokes, and community suggestions translated into specific scenes and perfected through endless thought.” 

What Do Brand Deals Look Like For You?

Despite his novelty to sponsorships and brand deals, Finance Bro informs us that he’s frequently approached by brands in his niche. 

He has already collaborated with a few educational courses and merchandise suppliers that closely match his brand, but through further learning about the level of influence his accounts have, he sees much-untapped potential. 

He elaborates, “Even though collaborations are just kicking off, brands are amazed by my engagement and conversion rates.”

“My business-minded approach, such as fostering follower engagement and treating their ideas as valuable leads, has significantly boosted profitability, allowing me to match the value brands gain to the cost of collaborations.”

“While many TikTok creators at his level of success wait to be signed by talent agencies to handle the business side, Finance Bro has things figured out, basing all his decisions on analytics and stats.” 

What Does A Day In The Life Of A Finance Bro Look Like?

Insights Into The World Of A Finance Bro Content CreatorInsights Into The World Of A Finance Bro Content Creator

“There is no typical day in the life. Every day looks different. That being said, engaging with followers by responding to messages and comments is always a priority.”

He elaborates, “Some days, I’d spend seven to eight hours in my car recording. On other days, it’d be a quicker session. However, with a busy work life and study schedule, I always aim to put out at least two to three videos a day.”

Adding to his point on the importance of engaging with followers, Finance Bro tells us, “Many creators will start their career engaging with followers and building a sense of community, but once they grow, they will neglect that aspect.”

“I think that one of the most important elements of my quick growth is attributed to the importance I give my followers. People’s engagement is like currency on social media, and if you continuously show appreciation to followers who interact, they’ll keep giving!”

What Advice Do you Have For Aspiring Finance Bros 

Try To Gradually Improve All Aspects Of Your Content 

“Like a business, a creator striving for growth should work to improve all areas of their content constantly. Most do so unconsciously, but some keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

He adds, “Whether it be taking a quick editing course, upgrading equipment, or posting to a new platform, I’m constantly chasing advancement.” 

Although you may not notice the improvements, compare any successful creator’s current content to older content, and you’ll understand what I’m preaching. 

“Just like a business, stagnancy is the first indication of failure.”

Don’t try to imitate other creators. 

“The creator you’re attempting to emulate is likely popular because they’re being themselves on camera, and you cannot be a better version of someone else; it will drain your creative efforts.”

What’s Next For Finance Bro?

Finance Bro underscores his commitment to the growth process by adopting a “go with the flow” approach. With key factors in his success being the constant production of high-quality content and building an engaged fanbase, he’s witnessed exceptional growth in the past few months, and looks forward to seeing where else his strategy can take him.


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