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Pinterest, the image-sharing social media platform, is making its Coachella debut this year through a partnership with the music festival. The company has announced its aim to inspire festival-goers to express their creativity and establish Pinterest as the go-to destination for fashion and beauty trends during the festival season.

Pinterest’s analysis shows the platform receives tens of millions of searches related to Coachella, with 40% driven by Gen Z users. This demographic embraces self-expression through fashion and beauty, positioning Pinterest as an ideal companion for planning and shopping festival looks.

For the 2024 festival season, Pinterest predicts the rise of several aesthetics, including the “Lana Del Rey core,” the “fairycore,” and the “dark feminine” style. Additionally, nostalgic “2014 core” looks, reminiscent of the festival’s earlier years, are expected to make a comeback with modern twists.

Inside Pinterest's Big Coachella Partnership To Stay Trendy - Jarastyle Teen'sInside Pinterest's Big Coachella Partnership To Stay Trendy - Jarastyle Teen's

To bring these trends to life, the platform has partnered with celebrity stylists and avid Pinners Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo. The sister duo curated a board featuring fashion inspiration to help users plan and shop their Coachella looks directly on the platform. 

Inside Pinterest's Big Coachella Partnership To Stay Trendy - Jarastyle Teen's

Inside Pinterest's Big Coachella Partnership To Stay Trendy - Jarastyle Teen's

They’ve utilized Pinterest’s new “board preview” feature, which allows users to easily share curated boards across social media platforms with enhanced visual features.

“We start nearly every project with our clients with a secret Pinterest board. We like to use Pinterest as our visual language, as it allows us to get ideas across that we would not be able to do verbally. We are excited to share with Pinners our vision and unique aesthetic and how to bring it to life at a major cultural event like Coachella,” Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo say.

Furthermore, the company is introducing the “Pinterest Manifest Station” at Coachella, an on-site activation spanning both festival weekends (April 12-14 and April 19-21). This experience allows visitors to explore new forms of self-expression through various photo opportunities and trending beauty and styling experiences.

“People turn to Pinterest to find inspiration, figure out what’s right for them, and shop their visions into reality. We see a frenzy of that activity among our Gen Z users every year when it comes to festival season, starting with Coachella,” says Sara Pollack, Vice President of Global Consumer Marketing at Pinterest. 

“Searches for Coachella start spiking as early as January, giving us an early peek into what trends are likely to pop at the festival. This year, we’re excited to be taking a more active role in helping people navigate those trends—not just in the lead up to the festival, but at the festival itself, where we’ll bring the inspo and festival-goers can make the trends their own.”

To cater to festival enthusiasts, Pinterest features a Global Festival Hub within the app, showcasing inspiring content, festival outfits, beauty looks, survival guides, Shopping Spotlights, and more.


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