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Pune-based Nemophilis is a three-piece rock band emerging with their electrifying as well as calming songs powered by enchanting harmonies, adept playing and seamless songwriting that narrates stories, perceptions and events that they witness in their lives.

The band originally had four members, until session guitarist Mayank Katare parted ways. Mention must be made that, along with Katare, they reworked an impressive cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. The line-up now comprises vocalist-guitarist Kshitij Kumar, bassist Saurabh Lodha and drummer Akarsh Singh. Their long hairdos, raging appearances and music reflect the stereotype of an alternative rock group.

While the band members come from different parts of the country, since the last 10 years they have been living in Pune.

In November last year, Nemophilis released their much-anticipated album The Iceberg consisting of 9 songs, with a music video One Last Time which is the second single from the album. The same month they also won the I Rock (Independence Rock) Band Hunt 2023 competition and performed at the I Rock Festival in November.

VERUS FERREIRA met up with the band members for an interview prior to their knockout performance at the Indie Global Festival in December.

So tell us how did the band start off?
Kshitij Kumar: We started out in 2018, I believe, that was when we released our first song. 2016 and 2015 was the time where we kind of met each other, but there was never a possibility or even a thought of making a project together. But after we kept releasing songs and did a couple of shows, since 2018, we played like four or five shows or something like that and then COVID happened. We went on a hiatus just like the entire world, but we kept on working, writing material, doing music videos or something, whatever we could while we were locked up. As soon as things opened up, we saw it like an opportunity. So we put all the stuff that we have out there at once and it gained some momentum. Since the last one and a half years, we have done shows in almost all the big cities of India.

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