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In February 2024, Instagram announced the launch of a selection of new games that viewers can engage with during a creator’s livestream. These games can be implemented just before a stream starts so that the viewers can remain entertained whilst they await the arrival of their favorite livestreaming influencer. Plus, influencers are also able to play the games alongside their audience so they can increase their engagement on a more widespread scale. 

Currently, Instagram has launched two games, which are This or That and Trivia. The former presents the audience with a range of questions and asks them to select their favorite response out of two options. For example, a question may ask ‘What is your favorite ice cream flavor?’ and then players may choose between two options such as Chocolate or Strawberry. Though this may seem like a very simple distraction, it can also be seen as a unique way to learn more about your followers.

The second game will provide you with a set of general knowledge questions as well as a choice of multiple answers. Insiders note that these questions will probably be generated and refreshed on a daily basis so influencers don’t need to worry about their audience becoming bored of the same rotation of questions and answers. 

How To Use Instagram’s Livestream Games To Engage With Your AudienceHow To Use Instagram’s Livestream Games To Engage With Your Audience


Why Were They Launched?

Though these rudimentary games seem like a simple way to keep both influencers and audiences entertained whilst they wait for a livestream to start, they could also be seen as much more. Gitnux informs us that the average person spends around 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media per day. But, the source also notes that Microsoft found that since the year 2000, the human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. In turn, Instagram may have decided to capitalize on these developments by ensuring that their users are spending more time on the platform, without losing focus on the content that is being provided.

Moreover, since mega influencers and celebrities also tend to use Instagram to interact with their fans in real-time, some people may feel more inclined to watch if they have the chance to play games with their favorite creators. Plus, in an era of stan accounts and fan pages, some fans may want to gather as much information as they can on their favorite influencer and create content for themselves. 

Many experts also predict that Instagram also decided to launch its own version of Trivia because the most popular incarnation, HQ Trivia was discontinued in 2020. Therefore, Instagram may be trying to enter the mobile gaming market whilst also remaining within its comfort zone of social media live streaming. In addition, trivia games are a lot easier to create than other games as the questions and answers can easily be generated by AI, making it a very cost-effective alternative for the platform. 

How To Use Instagram’s Livestream Games To Engage With Your Audience

How To Use Instagram’s Livestream Games To Engage With Your Audience


How Do They Work?

As seen in the pictures posted by Ahmed Ghanem, the games are quite straightforward. First users must create a new post and scroll left to select the livestream option. From there, users will see a puzzle piece icon on the left-hand side of the screen. Then, Instagram will allow creators to select from one of the two games and they can then press the ‘Try it’ button to get started. 

How To Use Instagram’s Livestream Games To Engage With Your AudienceHow To Use Instagram’s Livestream Games To Engage With Your Audience


Instagram has also promoted minigames within their messaging platform, promoting players to send an emoji into one of their chats. This will then start a game in which players must tap the screen in order to keep the icon moving and within the screen. This seems to be in a similar vein to Pong or Keepy Uppy. Therefore, these games are suitable for any level of player and don’t require too much commitment or experience. 

How Can Influencers Access Them?

As this is a fairly new feature, Meta has decided to only unroll this concept to a few lucky users. Yet, Instagram hopes to make the feature more prominent and accessible in the next few weeks. In the meantime, viewers will have to seek out other influencers who are using the games and decide whether they are something they would like to add to their content strategy in the future. 

Benefits of Using These Games Whilst on IG Live

Alongside a keen source of engagement, these games are also a good way for novice content creators to delve into the elusive world of livestreams. Since this medium requires a lot of self-confidence and good conversation skills, some influencers are put off by broadcasting themselves in real-time. But, with the introduction of these new mini-games, content creators now have more time to compose themselves before they begin interacting with their audiences. Plus, they also offer influencers the chance to play with their audience. In turn, creators now have the prime opportunity to build a positive repertoire with their fan base before they come on screen.

The simple and personable nature of these games also means that neither the audience nor the content creator are required to have any existing gaming skills. Each of these games requires players to have a good sense of self, answering questions about their usual preferences or answering common trivia questions. Thus, they are less likely to feel insecure about their performance or skill level. Not to mention, neither of these games is very competitive, which decreases the chances of your livestream becoming overly heated or argumentative. 

Although Instagram may not be the first choice for many livestreamers, these games may help the platform gain an added touch of flair. As platforms like Twitch and TikTok begin to become oversaturated, it may be time for some influencers to make the move over to Instagram. Moreover, this could also be an effective strategy for those who don’t feel comfortable in the gaming or short-form content niche and would prefer to take their first tentative steps in more familiar territory. 

How To Use Instagram’s Livestream Games To Engage With Your Audience

How To Use Instagram’s Livestream Games To Engage With Your Audience


With Instagram setting its sights on gaming, we begin to wonder where the platform will go next. These small mini-games are a great way to boost engagement on Instagram, without having to create any additional content. Thus, as the feature continues to roll out on a much wider scale, we will see just how effective it truly is. 


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