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While there are things in this world that are definitely worse than mediocrity — like being attacked by snakes in a snake pit — in art, doing the pedestrian feels as if it’s tantamount to death. Writing is a creative field, so when you don’t feel creative, it’s like, are you even writing?

But just because you’ve written something that feels basic doesn’t mean you can’t un-basic it. And if your idea is stale, it doesn’t mean your piece can’t be fresh — it just needs a little extra elbow grease to make sure it stands out. Here are some of the things you can do to fancy up your writing.

Read. A Lot. Like to the Point Where Your Eyes are Going to Fall Out

As a writer, you have to read as much as you can for many reasons. In addition to making you a better writer, reading a lot gives you a sense of what people are saying — so you can say something else. A lot of times, newer writers will think a take is original when really it’s as overdone as mason jars at a wedding. But if you read a lot, it’s easier to get a feel for what other writers are doing — and what other writers are doing too much of. Ultimately, it’ll force you to find your own unique angle on a topic.

Write the Diaper Full of Poop-Bad Version First

The good version is often hiding just behind the bad version. Sometimes basic thoughts will haunt you unless you exorcize them first by putting them down on paper. Getting words down on paper, even if it feels like a dumpster fire of drivel, gives you something to play around with later. You can always jazz up something basic, but you can never jazz up nothing. And getting the bad version out of the way will help give you a foundation for later. Which leads to —

Replace What You’ve Written With Something Else

Unique specifics are a quick* and easy* way to make a piece feel surprising and fresh. After you’ve written the basic version, you can come in and swap out the more mundane references for something dazzling and different. The element of the unexpected is what helps to make a piece feel creative and stand out.

*lol this is writing, quickness and easiness not guaranteed

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