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River Jordan is a New Zealand-based barber who unintentionally became an influencer by embracing classic, sharp menswear that stood out from mainstream streetwear trends. Documenting his passion for finely tailored suits and vintage style on Instagram organically grew his following and boosted his barber business with style-conscious clients.

To River, fashion represents confidence and getting closer to his idealized image of a wealthy, stylish gentleman. His content requires little effort as the vintage aesthetics reflect his authentic tastes. He simply captures his everyday outfits spontaneously. River rejects playing a character online and believes his success stems from staying genuine.

What Inspired River Jordan To Start Creating Content?

River Jordan: GRWM Mens Classic Fashion Edition And Instagram ModelingRiver Jordan: GRWM Mens Classic Fashion Edition And Instagram Modeling

As he explains, “I was just trying out different things. The start of it all was with hairstylist videos and scenic landscape photography, but I grew tired of that.” His early content was merely a reflection of personal hobbies.

However, River then found his passion after opening a new barbershop – embracing a classic, sharply tailored style of dress. “Where I’m from in New Zealand, everyone is giving in to the same pop culture-inspired appearance, from tracksuits to sneakers,” he elaborates. “There is no sense of originality.”

By adopting vintage fashion aesthetics that stood apart from mainstream streetwear, River garnered sudden attention both online and in his local community. His signature throwback look that was once a sartorial norm became his way of making a bold statement and standing out.

How Does Your Influencer Career serve you as a barber?

River Jordan: GRWM Mens Classic Fashion Edition And Instagram Modeling

River Jordan: GRWM Mens Classic Fashion Edition And Instagram Modeling

“I’m almost always fully booked out; Instagram really changed things for my business and helped me expand my customer base,” he quickly answers. 

River adds, “I’d say almost 70% to 80% of my clientele are from Instagram. What’s even more impressive to me is the number of people who recognize me and stop me daily on my way to work or back.’”

With a full-time job relevant to the content he creates, becoming the classy, fashionable guy complemented his business and quickly established him as a local fashion guru

What Is Fashion To You?

“Growing up, I always thought of the ideal version of a man as someone who was always confident, sharply dressed, and well-mannered, even when there was no occasion to project those values.”

He explains, “The men I looked up to growing up were something of the Ideal I’m talking about, not just in a fashionable way, but simply a well-rounded gentleman, wealthy, chic, stylish, and outgoing.” 

Although there is no simplified explanation of what fashion means to River, we understand from him that it is yet another way of coming closer to the ideal version of himself and his full potential.

Is It a Lifestyle Or An Online Character You Play?

River Jordan: GRWM Mens Classic Fashion Edition And Instagram ModelingRiver Jordan: GRWM Mens Classic Fashion Edition And Instagram Modeling

“There is nothing fabricated about what I do, and I believe that I’d be incapable of putting up with playing a character. I’ve got this far with things because it’s that easy for me; I don’t need to do much.” 

River tells us, “I simply dress as I would on a regular day and capture it on video whenever I find time, whether it’s during a lunch break or before starting my workday.”

What Do Brand Deals and Sponsorships Look Like For You?

“Many startups and small brands have reached out, along with one of my favorite hair product brands, El Chido Nz, but nothing too big has come out of it.”

Although open to new collaborations and promotions, River acknowledges his influence over passionate, fashionable men and refuses to settle for anything that doesn’t align with the value he offers

What Inspires Your Next GRWM Content? 

Unlike the typical influencer who sits in front of a computer or notebook jotting down their next content Ideas, River’s next GRWM video is influenced by his outfit rotations. 

When asking River what inspires his look for each day, he simplifies matters by explaining that the classic look can be broken down into essentials of blazers, jackets, collared shirts, and fine wool slacks.

Therefore, the daily look and theme are standard, and it’s all brought down to color and weather, making his morning preparation routine a spontaneous, exciting practice. 

What Difficulties Did You Experience Throughout Your Creative Journey?

Internet Trolls and Negative Comments 

“I was shocked to learn that people can be so offensive and disrespectful, and others would support their negativity.” 

River shares one of his previous experiences with his first viral post, telling us, “My phone was blowing up overnight, and I was extremely excited to go viral for the first time, but in a matter of minutes, negative comments also started rolling in.” 

“It took me a while to comprehend that there are people that will go out of their way just to make someone else feel bad, but some haters eventually became fans, and I learned to laugh through it all.”

Not Being Able To Tell Who Knows Me 

“I deal with anxiety from certain situations I’ve been through in the past, so when I walk the streets, and a group of people is just eyeballing me and talking, it gets on my nerves.” 

“Some may pretend like they don’t know you just because they do, which is confusing, while others would just keep staring or pointing as they talk, which makes me uncomfortable.”

River clarifies that this wouldn’t be an issue if he hadn’t previously been randomly assaulted and deprived of his right to defend himself. 

What’s Your Favorite Part Of Being An Influencer? 

Seeing The Positive Impact I Have On Followers 

“Providing followers with one-on-one tips and recommendations, and then seeing them implement my advice or even noticing an avid follower’s fashion improvement over time, is fulfilling and morally rewarding.”

It’s Something To Bond Over With My Wife 

“Despite having different interests and hobbies, social media holds significance for both of us. She plays a prominent role in my influencer career, handling brand inquiries emails, responding to DMs, and keeping me in check.”

What’s Your Ultimate Objective?

River explains that he’s a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that his faith will guide him toward what’s best despite the uncertainty.

Being relatively new to the content creation world, he plans to continue doing what has got him to his fortunate position today while testing the waters with other social media platforms with the aim of turning his creative passion into a profitable full-time career. 

Becoming a Full-Time Content Creator 

“I love everything about what I do. It’s easy, it’s genuinely me, and it doesn’t require me to change anything about myself, so I’d love to make it my primary source of income.”


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