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Ethan Fassett draws from over 20 years in Silicon Valley to tackle an emerging challenge: helping individual creators manage their increasingly large and fragmented online audiences. As the CEO and co-founder of Glystn, Fassett aims to give creators “superpowers” to understand and engage with fans scattered across social platforms.

Managing Distributed Fanbases: Glystn Consolidates Cross-Platform Creator CommunitiesManaging Distributed Fanbases: Glystn Consolidates Cross-Platform Creator Communities

“I’ve spent my career trying to understand and build platforms where the audience or community is contributing to what’s getting made,” Fassett says. From social media to multiplayer games, he has focused on those participatory environments. Now, as the “creator economy” balloons, more independent creators produce content and interact with unique communities across various sites. Fassett wanted to enable these creators to consolidate insights and connections.

Managing Distributed Fanbases: Glystn Consolidates Cross-Platform Creator Communities

Glystn integrates with application programming interfaces (APIs) of major platforms where creators already have followings. It then applies artificial intelligence to extract valuable social listening data from the “firehose” of community activity. Glystn presents creators a centralized hub with specific, actionable feedback.

“Out of hundreds of thousands of comments and messages [creators] get today, perhaps there’s only 20 important conversations,” Fassett explains. The platform spotlights the most relevant people and discussions so creators can efficiently respond. These replies then post natively on the original platforms, keeping conversations in-context.

Managing Distributed Fanbases: Glystn Consolidates Cross-Platform Creator CommunitiesManaging Distributed Fanbases: Glystn Consolidates Cross-Platform Creator Communities

Deeper than Social Listening

Unlike generalized social listening tools, Glystn is built on a modern architecture that focuses squarely on serving the creator economy. It goes beyond tracking mentions to uncover detailed audience preferences. According to Fassett, creators previously needed to pore through volumes of feedback to guess what resonated. Now, Glystn’s algorithms objectively decode community chatter, and desires – even among audience segments. It also suggests potential content directions based on historical interest. Fassett believes this unlocks new creative possibilities as audiences scale up.

“You can just scale your own creative production along with the size of this community that you’ve grown,” he says. Beyond listening and engaging, Glystn helps creators monetize their followings. For example, it can evaluate sponsorship alignment or find untapped brand partnerships.

Creators, agencies, or brands can simply sign up and connect their accounts, or just add 3rd party channels to ‘watch’ without authenticating. Glystn integrates with major site APIs, then leverages artificial intelligence to extract insights from community activity. It surfaces the most important conversations from any scale of  comments. Algorithms spotlight the most relevant people and discussions so creators can better understand their community, and efficiently respond with native replies back into the platforms.

Beyond tracking mentions, Glystn decodes nuanced audience behaviors  and interests – even among segments. It suggests potential content based on historical engagement. According to Fassett, these creative prompts become invaluable as fans multiply.

Glystn also helps creators monetize audiences by evaluating sponsorship fits or finding untapped brand partnerships. And it assists in reputation management during controversies by identifying nascent toxic conversations to get ahead of misinformation.

MKBHD, one of the largest tech creators globally, now checks Glystn multiple times a week. It separates signal from noise on community resonance toward video topics and products. Such data likewise interests agencies managing multiple creators and brands vetting creators for campaigns.

“At the end of the day, the heart of the creator economy is the thousand true fans principle,” Fassett says. Long-term success requires deeply engaging a loyal audience. But across numerous platforms, individual connection becomes impossible, hence Glystn’s role as an indispensable “portal” between creator and fan bases despite digital fragmentation.

The Infrastructure Powering Insights at Scale

Glystn sits on a robust technological foundation drawing from its founders’ over 40 years combined experience building global-scale data systems. As CEO Ethan Fassett explains, the platform leverages rigorously honed best practices for ensuring accuracy and integrity.

“It’s a lot of really tedious stuff,” Fassett says, but this meticulous, staged testing process underpins reliable analysis of huge datasets. The Glystn team works systematically from small samples to full populations, combining passive monitoring and active prodding to validate performance.

AI fascinates people, but Fassett notes it remains just another form of complex algorithm within larger infrastructure. Glystn integrates its AI components with complementary machine learning tools. Though the user experience centers on intuitive insights, an enterprise-grade data analytics engine hums steadily behind the scenes. This allows Glystn to scale up securely as more creators come on board.

Glystn’s Vision For the Future

As online creator culture shifts mainstream, Fassett spotlights “the whole zeitgeist of how people relate to brands and products” now revolving around community perspectives. Where once loomed ads and influencers, an engaged audience stands central.

“If you follow the trajectory of the creator economy today…the core of where media dollars are spent and how people understand truth and validity of products and services – does this community really think this works?” Fassett explains. Glystn, in turn, unlocks those genuine insights.

It offers just an initial glimpse into Fassett’s vision for community analytics. Applying AI and machine learning, Glystn plans to uncover deeper intelligence on user bases and broader intersections of creator groups. Fassett believes artificial intelligence can digest swelling data to ask entirely new questions.

“What we have today publicly is really just the very beginning,” he says. The roadmap lies in helping creators, agencies and brands better grasp the true “value” locked within modern digital audiences.

On the creator side, this means features that reveal richer preferences and trends among fans. For businesses, Glystn can quantify resonance across swaths of creators as influence eclipses old-school advertisements. Where before such breadth defied analysis, Glystn aspires to crack open new visibility.

“It’s just going to be more features to help creators get deeper and deeper insights about the value of their community,” Fassett concludes, “and to help brands, brand agencies, management agencies also understand value across whole swaths of the creator economy.”

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