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Whether an online foodie or an avid TikTok user, you’ve likely come across Ty Bridgewater and his funny food review videos. Ty is a Canadian influencer and content creator whose mission is to give you his honest, sarcastic opinion on anything food-related. 

From launching a quest to find the best chicken wings to rating outrageously terrible Ice-coffees, Ty has become an icon of the foodie community on TikTok. 

Read along as we interview Ty Bridgewater to learn more about what drove him to explore such a specific niche, how things are playing out for him, and who he is behind the scenes.  

Ty Bridgewater: From Ice Coffee Reviews To One Of The Biggest Foodies On Tiktok 

Who is Ty Bridgwater Outside of Social Media? 

Ty Bridgewater: From Ice Coffee Reviews To One Of The Biggest Foodies On Tiktok 

Outside of the social media Ice coffee reviewer we all know, Ty is naturally a funny guy to interview who finds joy in making others laugh. 

Quizzed about his off-screen persona, Ty modestly shares, “I’m just a regular guy trying to sprinkle some laughter. Beyond the jokes, I find solace in a healthy lifestyle, sweating it out through exercise, and relishing organic eats.”

He adds, “I’m the type of creator that doesn’t put on a fake personality online. What you see is what you get, making my life much easier. Instead of focusing on how my online character would react to specific matters, I just pull out my phone and hit record.”

Free time for Ty Bridgewater means Jujitsu training sessions, quality time with friends, and experimenting with new drinks and foods. He is thankful for the flexibility and advantages of his full-time content creation career and hopes to continue doing what he loves. 

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What Inspired You to Start Creating Content?

Ty Bridgewater: From Ice Coffee Reviews To One Of The Biggest Foodies On Tiktok 

Like many creators who built their online career in the lockdown period, Ty Bridgewater started his TikTok account for laughs and turned it into a full-time profitable practice. 

All the TikTokers making their favorite drinks during the lockdown period caught Ty’s humorous interest. Sharing his unfiltered, lighthearted perspectives, he inadvertently conjured something far grander than he imagined.

Ty Bridgewater tells us, “It all started for fun; there was no greater motive, financial or else, but when you go through life doing what you enjoy, and you’re good at it, great things come your way.” 

He adds,” I just thought it’d be funny to commentate on both great and terrible drinks online. My humorous instincts kicked in, and I’m glad I acted upon them.”

Did You Ever Have The Goal of Becoming an Influencer?


“No, I never thought of myself as an influencer, but when you’re doing what you do wholeheartedly, it’s just the natural course to reach the highest level of whatever you’re doing,” Ty explains. 

He tells us, “TikTok just seemed like a way to kill time at the moment, and a lot was happening on the app then, so I gave it a shot. There was no end goal or ultimate objective, but things have shifted now.” 

However, by discovering the advantage that becoming an influencer offers, Ty is now working to take his career even further, as it allows him to make a living through what he enjoys without feeling like work. 

What does The Creative Process Look Like? 

Creating funny content is easier when you’re naturally funny, which is something we’ve learned from interviewing the broadest range of different social media characters. If you separate who you are as a person from the content you create, your creative process will slowly start to feel like a work obligation. 

However, Ty Bridgewater is the type of creator to pick up a camera and hope for the best, recording everything immediately.

He tells us, “When your whole objective is making people laugh and just cracking some jokes that everyone will resonate with, you find no reason to complicate matters.”

He adds, “My followers joined me along my content creation journey through some of the most raw and spontaneous content, so I like to believe that it’s what works for them.” 

He wraps up his answers with an elaboration and a subliminal tip for creators, telling us, “Not having a character to play allows me to freestyle a load of different on-the-spot ideas without thinking people will dislike them. I leave everything to fall in place as I record. 

I understand that not everyone can easily be themselves on camera, but it is the most efficient creative process.” 

What Are Your Tips for Aspiring Creators? 

Some of the best advice Ty Bridgewater gives his fans and creators is to be authentic. He elaborates, “You can be authentic in many ways, from giving yourself all the creative freedom needed to create new ideas that only you are convinced of.”  

Ty says, “If you have an idea, write it down and ensure you execute it. Many times, creators will overthink their content, but some of the best videos come randomly like this. Don’t miss your chance to stand out.”

Finally, Ty Bridgewater gives us the secret sauce to ensuring your content is memorable: having your signature scenes. Although these started naturally with no objective or persuasive goal, they quickly evolved into Classic Signature moments for “The Ice Coffee Review Guy.”

Some signature moments make the ice coffee review guy funny, memorable, and endlessly relevant when rating or dueting any video online. 

  1. I See This Food/Coffee. 

Almost all food and coffee reviews start with one of the popular phrases, either “Let’s review this food” or “I see this food,” as soon as viewers hear those first few words, they know they’re in for a sarcastic blast. 

  1.  Quick Bite/Sip, Keep It Healthy. 

Whether trying food, he’s made or watching other people try their food, the “Quick sip, keep it healthy” is an important part of any good video and often comes right before the ultimate rating. 

  1.  Rushed Ratings at The End

The rushed ratings before recording time finishes are the cherry on top of every food and drink review. Sometimes, Ty doesn’t even finish what he is about to say, but following the previous contexts gives you a good general idea of his final ratings. 

Wrapping up our interview with the globally loved ice coffee reviewer are a few statements of gratitude and love for Ty’s fans. His message is, “Keep believing in what you think works. I never imagined doing this for a living, but here I am today. I encourage every one of my fans and followers to act upon those random creative thoughts and “what if” moments, sometimes things go better than you could’ve ever imagined them.”


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