Five shark diving destinations Jarastyle travel

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Five shark diving destinations Jarastyle travel

Scuba diving in open water and being able to experience marine life in their natural habitat is incomparable to anything else. The sounds of crackling corals, to bright pops of colour that flash by and the peaceful feeling of being weightless is what makes diving so special. When you encounter a marine animal like a shark, for the first time, its as if time stands still. The magnificence of these animals is otherworldly.

If you haven’t done it before, here are 4 places around the world for you to dive with sharks.

1. False Bay, Western Cape

Shark Explorers take adventurers into the Pelagic waters off Cape Point to experience blue and mako sharks in their natural habitat. The season for these sharks is between November and June and dives last between 30 to 120 minutes. These two shark species are famous for their bright blues and silver colours.

2. Monad Shoal, Cebu, Philippines

Through Sea Explorers Philippines, one can view thresher sharks in this area throughout the year. These elusive sharks come to this particular area to clean themselves, just before or during sunrise. This makes for a wonderful sighting for early-rising divers. An advanced divers certification is needed to access this dive site.

3. Tiger Beach, Grand Bahama

One can take a day trip with Epic Diving to Tiger Beach to dive with, you guessed it: tiger sharks. Divers may also be treated to an encounter with reef sharks, lemon sharks and nurse sharks. The clear visibility and calm waters of Tiger Beach and the guarantee of seeing tiger sharks make this a premier dive destination.

4. Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii

The Pelagic Shark Program is eco-tourism at its finest. The team at One Ocean Diving has designed a day of snorkeling around educating its adventurers. The Pelagic Shark Program is based on shark behavioral research with the ultimate aim of teaching people how to avoid shark unpleasant shark encounters. This experience is the first and only cage-less shark experience in Hawaii.


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