Fashion Influencers Stepping On The Runway At Theorist Media’s Event  – Jarastyle Teen’s

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Theorist Media’s YouTube channel The Style Theorists is gearing up to host “Creators in Fashion,” a fashion show and shopping event featuring dozens of creator-designed looks from spring/summer 2024 collections. The four-hour spectacle, scheduled for April 25, will have an in-person audience of around 150 and be broadcast across multiple YouTube channels.

Fashion Influencers Stepping On The Runway At Theorist Media’s Event  - Jarastyle Teen'sFashion Influencers Stepping On The Runway At Theorist Media’s Event  - Jarastyle Teen's

Creators like Critical Role, ZHC, Blogilates founder Cassey Ho, Yes Theory, and more will showcase their apparel lines by walking the runway themselves, alongside Style Theory creative director Amy Roberts and Theorist Media co-founder MatPat. All items featured will have interactive QR codes for viewers to purchase.

The event is being produced in partnership with Theorist’s parent company Lunar X, Paragon Creative Agency, and YouTube Shopping’s shoppable video integration. According to MatPat, “Creators in Fashion” represents an effort to elevate the creator economy and e-commerce offerings.

“One of the things that’s always been really important to me, just in my personal work on YouTube, has been uplifting the creator economy,” MatPat has told Tubefilter. “I like finding and creating tools that help the digital video business get more respect, help viewers find all the cool things that creators are making, and in general raise the profile of these entertainment production companies of the future. Creators in Fashion is really the latest example of that.”

He believes the creator industry has produced incredible products – the success of creator ventures like Logan Paul’s Prime sports drink and MrBeast’s Feastables food lines – emphasizing that “there’s so much great work being done in the apparel and fashion space.”

MatPat has cited examples like Cristine Rotenberg’s Holo Taco nail brand, apparel from beauty influencers, and Cassey Ho’s POPFLEX activewear line carried by Target.

While primarily a runway showcase, the show will incorporate other creator businesses like nails and jewelry. Throughout, the Style Theory team will provide commentary, creator interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and special guest analysts.

The finale promises a “mystery announcement” from Theorist Media regarding “the future of the ‘fans meet creator fashion’ space.”

For new host Amy Roberts, the goal is to illustrate the expertise and importance of fashion creators. “Fashion is often seen as very frivolous…when really it’s things that affect your everyday life,” she explains. “It’s about how you present yourself, how you view yourself. And these people are helping you find [that] in their apparel.”

If successful, MatPat hopes “Creators in Fashion” can become an annual event akin to Fashion Week for online creators. “We could have actually brought this out to many more creators…we didn’t want to bite off more than we could chew in year one,” he says. “The hope is with this initial proof of concept, we can bring it back in subsequent years and make it into bigger and bigger events.”


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