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In the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, where the majestic Table Mountain stands as an iconic natural wonder, a unique initiative is transforming the way young minds connect with the environment. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” and on the Day for Environmental Education, Friday 26 January, the significance of this statement resonates more than ever.

The breathtaking landscapes that surround Cape Town serve as a constant reminder of the beauty our planet holds and the urgent need for environmental stewardship. South Africa, with its pristine natural heritage zones, is fortunate to have dedicated conservation staff acting as custodians of these precious areas.

Wahida Parker, Managing Director of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company (TMACC), shares the organization’s commitment to empowering and upskilling the youth while fostering a deep love for the planet and its natural wonders.

‘Our role lies in fostering a sense of wonder and an inquisitiveness about conservation and the natural sciences, especially among the youth,’says Parker.

TMACC’s Class in the Clouds initiative, launched over two decades ago, epitomizes this commitment. The initiative aims to inspire young South African learners by providing them the opportunity to experience the natural splendor of the Cape Floristic Region firsthand.

Over the years, more than 330 000 learners of all ages have embarked on this unique environmental education journey. The Class in the Clouds experience has become a highly anticipated highlight for primary and high school learners throughout the country.

Parker describes the excitement of learners as they ascend the majestic cliffs and crags of Table Mountain in Rotair cable cars, offering a 360-degree view of Cape Town and its surrounds.

‘It’s wonderful to see the sense of sheer awe that the children experience when suspended in the cable car, traversing the vast expanse above the rocky slopes leading up to the iconic flat-topped summit,’ she shares.

The initiative serves as a bridge between the classroom and the wonders of the natural world.

‘What better way to get outside, connect with nature, and spark curiosity about the world and the importance of preserving our environment in the minds of South Africa’s school-goers?’, Parker asks.

As the International Day of Environmental Education approaches, TMACC encourages parents, teachers, and community leaders to take the next step in nurturing environmental consciousness. Parker invites them to consider booking an outing for their groups with Class in the Clouds.

This year, the initiative will run from March 1st to October 31st, offering a special per-learner concession rate to ensure that every South African school can join the adventure.

‘We want to ensure that every South African school comes to join the fun, up at our famous class in the clouds!’ Parker emphasizes.

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