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Optical illusions have a way of captivating the internet, from the famous blue and black (or was it white and gold?) dress debate to the latest sensation.

Twitter user @benonwine has stirred up a new frenzy with a simple image of a number hidden in a black and grey striped circle. This visual challenge has viewers squinting to decipher the concealed digits.

Initial guesses range from a straightforward “2” to more complex numbers like “528,” “4528,” “45283,” and “15283.” Yet, the real shocker is the actual number, a detail that has left thousands of Twitter users flabbergasted. This latest puzzle joins the ranks of internet illusions that prove just how easily our eyes can be tricked.

As not to spoil the fun for you, I will reveal the actual number at the end of the post.

Here’s how folks replied in the thread:

Contrast sensitivity, as explained by Vision Center, is the ability to distinguish objects from their background, unlike visual acuity which measures clarity at a distance.

This sensitivity is tested with fading characters on a chart, highlighting the ability to discern light and dark, and can differ from visual acuity, meaning one can have good clarity but poor contrast sensitivity, or vice versa.


— XYY (@Mr_XYY) February 17, 2022


— Liam Flint (@LiamFlint1) February 17, 2022

Alright, ready for the big reveal? The sneaky seven-digit number hiding in that illusion is “3452839.” Did you see it?

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