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Most of us are adept at using smiley emojis or emoticons on social media. Smileys are popular; we use them to convey emotions of happiness. Dentists nowadays publicize their profession in terms of ‘smile works’ by highlighting smile makeovers, artificial braces, teeth whitening, etc., and some business ventures are named Smiley. Gifts galore appear on sale with a smiling face as an expression of love and happiness. Remember the old jingles for toothpaste which used a smile to sell their products? Do smiley pictographs always bring a smile to the one receiving them? It all depends on the state of mind or environment of the receiver. The sender cannot be sure about the reaction of the receiver. In reality, smileys on digital media can never truly express feelings and emotions.

Could it be that, engrossed in the world of smileys and glued to our gadgets and computers, we have forgotten to smile at one another? A smile is a conscious or subconscious movement of facial muscles conveying mirth or pleasure. Smiling enlivens us as we look up from our gadgets and look at the ones around us with a welcoming smile, a kind smile, a confident smile, or a caring smile. Your actual smile can make a huge difference. Poets have been inspired to write beautiful lines on the effects of a smile. Let’s see where a smile wins over a smiley.

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Do you have a Sunshine Smile? ⋆ The Teenager Today - Jarastyle Teen's

Severina Peres has considerable experience in the banking industry where she served as a manager. Over the years, she has been involved in child development and assisting senior citizens.


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