Destination Fun Facts: Paris Jarastyle travel

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Paris is a destination that is rich in beauty, culture, art and design. Commonly known as the fashion capital of the world, the city is adored by lovers, fashionistas and solo travellers. Thus, it is among the most visited places in the world.

Destination Fun Facts: Paris Jarastyle travel

Picture: The Eiffel Tower (Ank Kumar)

If Paris is on your bucket list, here are a few fun facts to consider about the destination:

The City of Light

Paris has a number of nicknames. One of the most common is ‘City of Light’. While it may be assumed that the name comes from the many lights that adorn plenty of the destination’s popular attractions, this is not entirely true.

It is said that the name is as a result of Paris being one of the first European cities to install street lights around the 17thcentury.

Home to the biggest art museum

Boasting over 38 000 art pieces within its walls, the Louvre is the world’s most extensive art gallery and museum.

Among the pieces in the museum is the world famous painting, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is also estimated that you may need around 200 days in order to view everything in the Louvre museum.

Five Statues of Liberty

Destination Fun Facts: Paris Jarastyle travel

Picture: Getaway Gallery

Although many people may be familiar with the Statue of Liberty in New York, Paris has a number of replicas of this very same statue which can be found on different locations around the city.

The Eiffel Tower was initially a temporary structure

Destination Fun Facts: Paris Jarastyle travel

The Eiffel Tower is one of Europe’s major landmarks. However, this is not something which was initially anticipated. In fact, the Eiffel Tower was constructed to last for just 20 years and would later be destroyed.

Of course, this is not how things unfolded as the iconic landmark is embraced by many travellers even today. It has since changed the history of Paris, and France in general.

Many, many streets

Destination Fun Facts: Paris Jarastyle travel

Picture: Getaway Gallery

Paris has a total of 6 100 streets. Of course, these streets differ in length and have their own unique features. The longest street is Rue Vaugirard, 15th Arrondissement, while one of the prettiest streets is Rue Cremieux, 12th Arrondissement.

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