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Located in southwestern Africa, Namibia is a destination known and loved for its sandy landscapes, towering sand dunes and diverse wildlife. For travellers, it offers a unique experience and the holiday of a lifetime.

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If Namibia is on your bucket list, here are some interesting facts to consider:

Home to the tallest sand dune

Measured at over 1200 feet tall, Dune 7 got its name for being the seventh dune which one encounters after crossing the Tsauchab River. It is one of the Namib Desert’s famous sand dunes and is frequented by locals and travellers alike.

In less than an hour, one can summit this majestic dune. There is also the chance to spot some springboks and ostriches which can be found among the sparse vegetation.

What to know before travelling to Namibia

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Expect good food

When it comes to good food, Namibia is not found wanting. You can tantalize your tastebuds with different dishes, including fresh local beef, sausages and game which are grilled and served with flatbreads. Biltong is also popular at the destination.

Cheetahs…and lots of them

Namibia maintains the largest population of wild cheetahs worldwide. About 90 – 95% of cheetahs live on Namibian farmlands, while others live in the Kalahari. A visit to the Cheetah Conservation Fund is one of the best ways to see these beautiful cats.

A love for the environment

Namibia has a relatively modern and forward-thinking constitution. Having gotten its independence in 1990, Namibia is also one of the first countries to include the protection of natural heritage as part of their constitution. Since the country boasts a large area of desert, this legislation makes way for a unique and breathtaking natural environment.

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Home to desert elephants

The sandy destination is one of the only two countries on the globe with desert elephants. Although they are not entirely a separate species, these are elephants which have adopted a desert life over time.

They can be identified through their smaller body mass, larger feet and longer legs which help them to deal with hot weather conditions, as well as having to travel long distances to water sources.

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