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Morocco is home to breathtaking beauty and sun-soaked coastlines. It is the ideal destination for culture lovers, backpackers, foodies, solo travellers and families. Without a doubt, the country offers a history-rich, fun and unforgettable experience.  As such, it is worth a spot on the bucket list of any eager travel enthusiast.

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If a trip to Morocco is something you dream of,  here are a few fun facts to consider:

Home to the High Atlas Mountains

Morocco boasts undeniable natural beauty. The destination is also home to the High Atlas Mountains which extend almost 1000km across Morocco. Visitors are able to climb up the mountains and to admire Morocco’s villages, wandering wildlife and steep valleys.

Cultural diversity

Morocco’s diversity is one of the things that make it even more special. Berbers (the indigenous people of North-West Africa), as well as Arabs are Morocco’s two main ethnic groups.

However, past rule from French, Spanish, Roman and Jewish exiles mark the present culture and its people. The same can be said for the languages spoken, as well as the food, architecture, clothing and art.

Expect plenty of beach bliss

Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, Morocco’s coastline offers some of the world’s best beaches.

These beaches provide the perfect cool-off from its bustling cities. Visitors can enjoy some beach bliss and water activities such as surfing.

Amazing architecture

Chefchaouen, Morocco - Most Beautiful Places in the World

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Whether it’s the colourful street corners or iconic mosques, Morocco is filled with eye-catching architecture. It is reflective of the country’s diverse past, as you can spot both Hispano-Moorish and Islamic inspired designs.

You can expect intricate patterns on various places including palaces, historic fortresses, mosques and homes.

A slice of the Sahara desert

Sahara Desert, Morocco

Morocco offers a slice of the Sahara desert that is simply stunning. It is located southeast of the country and boasts wind-swept sand dunes that run into the impossible distance.

The serenity of the area is golden, and you can cherish sounds of a camel’s delicate footsteps on a walking tour.

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