Decades Day Outfit Ideas for Spirit Week – Jarastyle Teen’s

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Decades Day Outfit Ideas for Spirit Week - Jarastyle Teen's

December 21, 2023

Decades Day is a spirit week day at school when you get to dress up in fashion from different eras. Typically, each grade will be assigned a different decade and students dress up in what was fashionable back then. It’s your chance to show off your style, have loads of fun, and take a peek into the fashion history books.

What to Wear for Decades Day at School

20s Decades Day Ideas: The Roaring 20s

1920s Style For Girls:

  • Flapper Dress: A knee-length dress with fringes or sequins, typical of the flapper style from the 1920s.
  • Cloche Hat: A fitted, bell-shaped hat that was very popular among women during this time.
  • Pearl Necklace: Long strands of pearls or bead necklaces.
  • T-Strap Heels: These were fashionable and representative of the era.
  • Finger Wave Hairstyle: A distinctive waved hairstyle commonly worn by women of that decade.
  • Feather Boa: Flamboyant touch typical of 1920s fashion.

1920s Style For Boys:

  • Three-Piece Suit: A suit with a jacket, trousers, and vest, often in pinstripe or a dark color.
  • Fedora or Bowler Hat: Popular hat styles for men in the 1920s.
  • Pocket Watch: To add a classic touch to the outfit.
  • Oxford Shoes: Classic and polished, fitting the formal style of the era.
  • Slicked-Back Hair: A common and fashionable hairstyle for men in the 1920s.

30s Dress Up Ideas: The Era of Glamour

1930s Style For Girls:

  • Flowing Midi Dress: Knee to mid-calf length dresses, often with floral prints or solid colors, and sometimes with puffed sleeves.
  • Tilt Hat or Beret: Stylish hats such as small brimmed tilt hats or berets were popular.
  • Small Handbag: A petite handbag, often with a clasp closure, for a sophisticated look.
  • T-Strap Shoes: Classic shoe styles that were popular in the 1930s.
  • Soft Wave Hairstyle: Gently waved hair, less dramatic than the 1920s style, often worn shoulder-length.
  • Faux Fur Stole: Adds an element of glamor typical of 1930s fashion.

1930s Style For Boys:

  • Double-Breasted Suit: Suits with wide lapels and double-breasted fronts were in vogue.
  • Fedora Hat: A fedora with a wide brim was a signature piece for men’s fashion.
  • Tie or Bow Tie: A necktie or bow tie, often with bold patterns or stripes.
  • Leather Oxford Shoes: Polished and refined, suitable for the more formal 1930s style.
  • Parted Hairstyle: Hair neatly parted to the side, often with a slicked-back look.
  • Pocket Square: A pocket square in the suit’s breast pocket for an added touch of elegance.

40s Outfit Ideas: The Time of Change

1940s Style For Girls:

  • A-Line Dress: Knee-length A-line dresses, often with modest necklines, in solid colors or simple patterns.
  • Pillbox Hat: A small, brimless hat that sits on top of the head, emblematic of the 1940s style.
  • Platform Shoes: Chunky heels and platforms were fashionable during this decade.
  • Seamed Stockings: Nylon or silk stockings with a seam running up the back.
  • Victory Rolls Hairstyle: Hair rolled and pinned up in the front, with the rest either down or in an updo.
  • Brooches and Simple Jewelry: Accessories like brooches, small earrings, and thin bracelets were popular.

1940s Style For Boys:

  • Single-Breasted Suit: Suits with narrower lapels and trousers without cuffs, reflecting the wartime conservation of fabric.
  • Trilby or Fedora Hat: These hats remained popular and added a polished look to any outfit.
  • Wide Tie: Ties were wider and often featured bold prints or stripes.
  • Wingtip Shoes: Leather shoes with a distinctive W-shaped design on the toe.
  • Slicked-Back Hair: Hairstyles were kept neat and often slicked back with hair products.
  • Utility Shirt: A simple, functional shirt, often in earth tones or pastel colors, reflecting the utilitarian mindset of the era.


50s Decades Day Outfit Ideas: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Era

1950s Style For Girls:

  • Poodle Skirt: A wide, swinging skirt often featuring a poodle appliqué, emblematic of 1950s fashion.
  • Saddle Shoes: Two-tone leather shoes, typically white with a black saddle.
  • Bobby Socks: White ankle socks, often worn with saddle shoes.
  • Tight Sweater or Blouse: Fitted tops were popular, sometimes worn with a scarf tied around the neck.
  • Cat-Eye Glasses: Eyewear with an upswept frame shape, often adorned with rhinestones.
  • Ponytail or Beehive Hairstyle: Hair pulled back into a high ponytail or styled into a beehive for a more dramatic look.
  • Red Lipstick: Bold red lips were a beauty staple of the era.

1950s Style For Boys:

  • Leather Jacket: A symbol of the ‘rebel’ style, popularized by Hollywood icons.
  • White T-Shirt: A simple, clean white tee, often worn under a leather jacket.
  • Cuffed Jeans: Denim jeans with the bottoms cuffed up, paired with a leather belt.
  • Converse or Canvas Sneakers: Casual and comfortable footwear that was popular among youths.
  • Greased Hairstyle: Hair slicked back with pomade, known as the ‘greaser’ look.
  • Letterman Jacket: A wool jacket with leather sleeves, often bearing the emblem of a high school or college.
  • Felt Fedora Hat: Optional, but adds a touch of sophistication to the outfit.

60s Decades Day Fashion Ideas: The Age of Counterculture and Hippies

1960s Style For Girls:

  • Mini Skirt: A defining fashion statement of the 1960s, often in bright colors or bold patterns.
  • Go-Go Boots: Knee-high, white or brightly colored boots, perfect for the mod fashion look.
  • Shift Dress: A simple, sleeveless, and short dress, often in geometric prints or pastel colors.
  • Beehive Hairstyle: A tall, rounded hairstyle that was very popular during this decade.
  • Large Sunglasses: Oversized sunglasses, often in round or square frames.
  • Pop Art Jewelry: Large, colorful earrings and necklaces, reflecting the pop art movement.
  • Headbands or Scarves: Worn in the hair for a hippie or mod style look.

1960s Style For Boys:

  • Paisley Shirt: A bright, patterned shirt, typical of the late 1960s psychedelic style.
  • Bell-Bottom Pants: Flared pants that became synonymous with the 1960s fashion.
  • Turtleneck Sweater: A popular and stylish choice, often worn under a blazer or jacket.
  • Chelsea Boots: Ankle-high boots with a slight heel, commonly worn by men.
  • Peace Symbol Necklace: Reflecting the peace movement of the 1960s.
  • Bandana or Headband: Worn around the forehead, particularly in the later part of the decade.
  • Mop-Top Hairstyle: Inspired by the Beatles, with hair covering the forehead and ears.

70s Decades Day Outfit Ideas: The Disco Decade

1970s Style For Girls:

  • Bell-Bottom Jeans: Flared jeans, often with intricate embroidery or patches, are quintessential to the 1970s.
  • Tie-Dye Shirt: Brightly colored tie-dye patterns capture the free-spirited vibe of the decade.
  • Platform Shoes: Chunky platform shoes, either sandals or closed-toe, were very popular.
  • Peasant Blouse: A flowy, often off-shoulder top with embroidery or lace details.
  • Fringe Vest or Jacket: Adds a bohemian or hippie flair to the outfit.
  • Long Straight Hair with Middle Part: A popular hairstyle, sometimes accessorized with a headband.
  • Hoop Earrings: Large hoop earrings were a fashionable accessory.

1970s Style For Boys:

  • Leisure Suit: Polyester suits with wide lapels and flared trousers, often in pastel colors or bold prints.
  • Patterned Shirt: Shirts with bold prints, such as paisley, floral, or abstract designs.
  • Afro Hairstyle: A popular hairstyle for both men and women, reflecting the cultural and social movements of the time.
  • Platform Shoes: For men, these were often styled in a more subdued manner compared to women’s platforms.
  • Wide Collar: Shirts and jackets with exaggerated wide collars were a distinctive fashion choice.
  • Aviator Sunglasses: A style staple that added an edge to any look.
  • Choker Necklace: A tight, often simple necklace, sometimes with a pendant.

80s Decades Day Clothing Ideas: The Bright and Flashy Era

1980s Style For Girls:

  • Leg Warmers: Often worn over leggings or jeans, leg warmers were a quintessential 80s accessory.
  • Off-the-Shoulder Tops: Shirts and sweatshirts with one or both shoulders exposed.
  • Mini Skirts or Acid-Wash Jeans: Skirts in bright or neon colors, and acid-wash jeans were staples.
  • Scrunchies: Colorful scrunchies to tie back big, voluminous hair.
  • Bold Makeup: Bright eyeshadows, blush, and lipstick, typical of 80s fashion.
  • High-Top Sneakers: Brightly colored or white, often worn with the laces loose.
  • Statement Jewelry: Large earrings, chunky necklaces, and bracelets.

1980s Style For Boys:

  • Parachute Pants: Baggy, lightweight pants that taper towards the ankle, often in synthetic materials.
  • Members Only Jacket: A popular style of jacket with a distinct look and logo.
  • Graphic Tees: T-shirts with bold prints, band logos, or slogans.
  • Mullets or Spiky Hair: Hairstyles like the mullet (short at the front, long at the back) were in vogue.
  • Sneakers: Athletic sneakers, often high-tops, were a key part of casual 80s fashion.
  • Leather Bracelets: Worn as part of the punk or rock-influenced styles.
  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Particularly the Wayfarer style, made famous in various movies of the time.

90s Decades Day Ideas: The Grunge and Pop Period

1990s Style For Girls:

  • Crop Tops: Short tops that reveal the midriff, often paired with high-waisted jeans or skirts (make sure this does not go against you school’s dress code!)
  • Mom Jeans: High-waisted, slightly loose-fitting denim jeans.
  • Plaid Shirt: Worn tied around the waist or as a loose-fitting top, reflecting the grunge style.
  • Doc Martens or Combat Boots: Sturdy boots that were a staple in both grunge and mainstream fashion.
  • Choker Necklaces: Thin, black chokers or chunky, beaded styles were popular.
  • Slip Dresses: Simple, spaghetti-strap dresses, sometimes worn over a T-shirt.
  • Scrunchies or Butterfly Clips: Hair accessories that were very popular throughout the decade.

1990s Style For Boys:

  • Crop Tops: Short tops that reveal the midriff, often paired with high-waisted jeans or skirts.
  • Mom Jeans: High-waisted, slightly loose-fitting denim jeans.
  • Plaid Shirt: Worn tied around the waist or as a loose-fitting top, reflecting the grunge style.
  • Doc Martens or Combat Boots: Sturdy boots that were a staple in both grunge and mainstream fashion.
  • Choker Necklaces: Thin, black chokers or chunky, beaded styles were popular.
  • Slip Dresses: Simple, spaghetti-strap dresses, sometimes worn over a T-shirt.
  • Scrunchies or Butterfly Clips: Hair accessories that were very popular throughout the decade.

2000s Decades Day Outfit Ideas: The New Millennium Y2K

Y2K For Girls:

  • Low-Rise Jeans: Jeans with a low waistline, often embellished with rhinestones or intricate stitching.
  • Camisoles with Lace Trim: A popular top choice, sometimes layered over another shirt.
  • Layered Tank Tops: Wearing multiple tank tops in different colors was a common trend.
  • Velour Tracksuits: Popularized by celebrities, often in bright colors with brand logos.
  • Ugg Boots: Soft, sheepskin boots that became a fashion staple in the 2000s.
  • Chunky Highlights or Streaks in Hair: Bold hair colors and styles were popular.
  • Large Sunglasses: Oversized sunglasses, often with embellished frames.

Y2K For Boys:

  • Baggy Jeans or Cargo Shorts: Loose-fitting denim and cargo styles were prevalent.
  • Graphic T-Shirts: Shirts with popular brand logos or catchy phrases.
  • Skate Shoes: Brands like Vans and DC Shoes were popular among youths.
  • Trucker Hats: Mesh-backed hats, often with a brand logo or slogan on the front.
  • Bandanas or Sweatbands: Worn on the wrist or head, adding a sporty touch.
  • Layered Shirts: A short-sleeved shirt over a long-sleeved one, often with contrasting colors.

Decades Day Accessories

Don’t forget accessories! Add sunglasses for a 60s vibe, peace sign necklaces for the 70s, or scrunchies for the 80s. Your hairstyle can also make a big impact – think of trying a beehive for the 60s or spiky hair for the 2000s. You can ask for your parent’s help with doing your hair!

Where to Find Clothing for Decades Day

Picking out the outfits is the most fun part of decades day. You most likely have something at home that you can use for your decades. Check your parent’s closet and see if they will let you borrow some clothing. If you can’t find anything, go shopping at a thrift store! They have tons of old clothing that is actually from those decades, so you’re bound to find some good outfits there!

Remember to Follow Dress Code

Remember to keep your outfit school-appropriate. Yes, it’s about having fun, but it’s also about respecting the school’s dress code. Choose styles that are cool yet classroom-friendly, and be mindful of the history and culture behind the fashion you’re representing. Most schools don’t allow students to wear inappropriate clothing, or any clothing with alcohol or tobacco brands on them.

You’re All Set!

Now you’re ready to make a splash on Decades Day. Have fun with your outfit, be creative, and don’t forget to share your awesome look on your school’s social media or in the photo gallery. Similarly to pajama day and anything but a backpack day, class participation is what matters the most. So make sure to dress up and make this Decades Day one for the history books!


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