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2 days and 10 chapters more to go!
Will I finish studying?
What if I don’t complete the paper?
I should have planned better.
Why did I waste so much time?
I am so exhausted right now.
Will I fail?

How often have you asked yourself these questions?

Students often feel that the syllabus is very limited and that they can finish it in a single reading, until they actually sit with their books and realize that it’s a completely different story. Planning and organization play a key role here. Most students underestimate their time and this leads to them fumbling last minute. It is also said that students generally start studying the subject they like the most. It is suggested that you start with the subject that you find the most difficult.

Learning certain strategies to retain information better is very important. How do we learn the colours of the rainbow? VIBGYOR is the word that helps us recollect all the colours quickly. In the same way, students need to form certain strategies to grasp lessons better.

Academic burnout is very common, it is also on the rise when a student is less prepared. This is because the anxiety of being under-prepared adds to the burnout and fatigue.

Tips to help you deal with academic burnout and conquer demotivation

1. Make time for things that make you happy.
Set aside a time where you only do things you really like. It could be watching a good movie or reading a book. For that full amount of time you don’t do anything but that. Limit it to 30 minutes in case your exams are just around the corner.

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Dealing with Student Burnout ⋆ The Teenager Today - Jarastyle Teen's

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