DAILY VLOG: Cleaning Motivation + Midweek Reset + Declutter My Calm and Totally Not Haunted Home With Me! | by Sarah Lehman | Feb, 2024 – Jarastyle

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Underneath a pile of Mega Bloks, I find a corpse-like one-eyed baby doll that smells like a mixture of wood smoke and rotting earth.

Sarah LehmanThe Belladonna Comedy

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Hey ya’ll! Tara here. Welcome back to my channel.

Today we’re doing an extreme clean of my home, where I live with my husband Rich and our four year old son Luke. Our house was built over a hundred years ago, so there are lots of nooks and crannies that need attention. Grab your favorite drink and let’s get started!

I’m kicking things off in our main bedroom. First I make the bed, spraying the sheets with an aromatherapeutic lavender mist as I go. Then I take care of the clothes on the floor, putting the clean items away and chucking the dirty stuff into a laundry basket. Next, I break out my holy grail– a Magic Eraser. No matter what I do, there are always streaks of a rust-colored liquid dripping down the walls! We thought it was a simple water leak, but our plumber took one look at the stains, slowly backed out of the room, and then sprinted from the house. He won’t return our calls, so we’re making do with Mr. Clean.

Now we are headed into the living room. First I pick all of Luke’s toys up off the floor. Underneath a pile of Mega Bloks, I find a corpse-like one-eyed baby doll that smells like a mixture of wood smoke and rotting earth. I don’t know which of Luke’s friends left their little dolly behind, but I toss her into the washing machine with the rest of the laundry and throw in an extra Tide Pod. Then I wipe down the coffee table, vacuum the rug, and do a quick pillow fluff. I light a cinnamon sugar candle to make my home smell like I’m baking cookies, and also to mask the lingering death stench of the mysterious toy.

It’s time for my least favorite space– the bathroom. I begin by cleaning the mirror and sink with a microfiber cloth. I’m about to say something totally crazy, but I’m always real with you guys so here goes. Last night I looked in the mirror and saw a pale-faced Victorian woman wearing a veil made of black lace standing behind me. She was desperately trying to tell me something, but she couldn’t speak because her mouth was sewn shut. Ha! I really need to cut down on the after-dinner espresso martinis. Anywho, I’m using a new OXO Good Grips Squeegee in the shower (link in bio), and I highly recommend it if you have glass doors. I scrub the toilet, clean the floor with my Swiffer WetJet, and Lysol the doorknob on my way out.

We’re finally tackling the heart of our home– the kitchen! I immediately grab my Scrub Daddy Power Paste Natural Cleanser and a fresh Scrub Daddy to deep-clean the sink. These seasonal Scrub Daddies are so freaking cute! I’m using the snowflake-shaped sponge today. (You can use code TIDYTARA to get 15% off Scrub Daddy products on their website. Thank you so much to Scrub Daddy for sponsoring this video!)

Because I need to wipe down the appliances, I take all of the magnetic letters off the fridge. Luke is an amazing speller, and Rich and I are very proud of him. Last week, he spelled the word “LEAVE.” A few days later, he made the sentence “GET OUT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE.” And as you can see, this morning’s message is “THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING BEFORE THE MORTAL BLOODBATH BEGINS. THERE WILL BE NO SURVIVORS WHEN WE CLEANSE THIS RESIDENCE OF SIN. DEATH AND TORMENT AWAIT YOU.” Oops. Looks like he figured out how to use regular YouTube instead of YouTube Kids. Ah, the joys of parenting!

I hear the sound of metal chains clanking in the basement, so I’m going to end this vlog here and make sure the boiler isn’t malfunctioning. I hope you enjoyed cleaning with me today! Be sure to check out tomorrow’s vlog, where I refurbish a decrepit well on our property using Home Depot Peel and Stick Stone Backsplash — you won’t believe what I find.


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