Dad Abandons His Family To Become A Competitive Breakdancer, So His Daughter Calls Him Out On Tiktok – Jarastyle



If Daddy Issues was a competition, this woman would be almost as competitive as her father who abandoned his wife and 4 children to compete in breakdancing competitions. Yeah.

The bar is set pretty low when it comes to being a dad. You just have to stick around and not be a total piece of garbage. However, these days you can’t just move to another town and start a new life.

“This guy wouldn’t pay my medical bills.”

“No child support, no nothing. And he got really good.”

Breakdancing “Dad” lololol.

See the full Tiktok here:


plz dont bully him btw u just have to laugh!! #storytime #anxiousattachment #therapytiktok #daddyissues #storytimes

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And of course the comments are amazing:

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