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The bedroom is that space in the house where we want to unwind and relax after a day of hard work. A bedroom must be warm and cosy enough to enjoy a deep slumber. If you are planning to redo your sacred space without investing in a large chunk of money, stick to the basics and just lay down a bedroom carpet

Yes, a bedroom carpet is just what you need to amp up your space without worrying about the budget. These days carpets are a hit and every homeowner prefers to have them to elevate their space up to modern standards. 

The best part about having a bedroom carpet is that it will keep your feet warm, especially if you live in a colder region and want to save some bucks on the heating systems. The bedroom carpet is more than just an aesthetic decor in your house, after all, it helps soaks in all the noise made by the stomping of the feet or even loud TV and radio. 

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But other than having a bedroom carpet installed to protect your flooring, there are other ways you can amp up your bedroom such as:

  • A floating nightstand: Instead of having a nightstand, which consumes a lot of space by your bed, you can have a floating nightstand. The shelf can be made from good-quality wood or even luxurious marble, which should be strong enough to withstand the weight of books, plants or anything else that you plan to keep on it.
  • A headboard: If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, get one made right away. There’s something about a headboard because it adds to the charm of your king-sized bed. A headboard with lights or intricate carvings or even detailing designs is enough to revamp a little part of your bedroom. 
  • Put in a lot of pillows: Throw pillows are the most inexpensive way to jazz up your space. If you have a sitting in your bedroom, having colourful pillows, some even personalised and a warm, cosy throw blanket will transform your bedroom into a haven.
  • Hang a tapestry: At times just colouring your walls in bright or pastel shades isn’t enough. If you have a large but blank wall in your bedroom, staring at you, revamp it by hanging a nice tapestry. This will save you from the troubles of having to find that perfect artwork that actually fits.
  • A non-traditional nightstand: Instead of a typical nightstand, you can show off your quirky side by having a non-traditional nightstand by your bedside. A small wooden ladder will work wonders for this idea. The broad stairs on the ladder can transform into the perfect holders for your books, a vase, your alarm clock and maybe even your coffee mug.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall: To make your bedroom more welcoming and open, add mirrors to your space. You can go all crafty and choose mirrors in non-traditional sizes and shapes with little plants and artwork to decorate the place.

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Glam up your bedroom with these creative ways which we bet won’t be costing you a bomb.

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