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Generative artificial intelligence is rapidly reshaping the creator economy, according to new independent research from Billion Dollar Boy. The global creator agency surveyed 4,000 consumers, 1,000 content creators, and 1,000 senior marketing decision-makers across the United States and the United Kingdom for their views on generative AI’s impact.

The research reveals widespread adoption of generative AI among creators, with 90% having used the technology to produce content. Two-thirds of those not currently using it plan to adopt it within 12 months. Moreover, 91% of creators say they use generative AI at least weekly.

Consumers Prefer AI-Made Creator Content, New Study Finds - Jarastyle Teen'sConsumers Prefer AI-Made Creator Content, New Study Finds - Jarastyle Teen's

For brands, the findings are equally striking; 92% of marketers surveyed have commissioned creator content designed fully or partially using generative AI. Over two-thirds (70%) have increased spending on such content in the past year, and the same portion plans further increases in the next 12 months.

Driving this growth is evidence of generative AI’s effectiveness. The report states that 81% of creators report more favorable consumer engagement on their AI-generated content versus traditional formats. Up to 60% of consumers surveyed prefer AI creator content, seeing it as higher quality and more diverse.

To effectively incorporate generative AI into their campaigns, the report advises brands to first identify objectives. The technology can combat creative fatigue by crafting unique assets rapidly. It excels at reinvigorating product-focused ads through dynamic visualizations. Generative AI also allows cost-effective customization for audience segments.

Consumer and creator perceptions suggest strong monetization opportunities. A total of 80% of marketers believe generative AI will boost creators’ earnings potential, as brands pay premiums for skilled AI content production while 65% of creators expect brands will pay more for AI-created work.

However, challenges exist. A quarter of consumers have used generative AI for social media content, indicating rising fluency that could increase demand. But there are calls for regulation around data protection, transparent labeling, copyright, and misinformation.

Fortunately, budgets appear sufficient to meet demand; 70% of marketers plan to reallocate funds from other marketing channels, notably email, social media, and content marketing whereas 65% will shift spending from traditional creator campaigns.

Regionally, the U.S. leads generative AI integration, with 96% of marketers commissioning AI creator content versus 88% in the U.K. Up to 77% of U.S. marketers raised AI spending over just 63% of British counterparts. This emerging gap could widen if unaddressed.

The report concludes that while generative AI’s influence is assured for 2024 and beyond, strategic deployment is crucial. Brands should invest in understanding the technology, leverage expert consultation, and earmark innovation budgets to explore generative AI’s full creative potential within the creator economy.

In summary, Billion Dollar Boy’s research highlights generative AI as a transformative force reshaping the creative advertising landscape. As adoption grows, brands are urged to be proactive in building AI capabilities to remain competitive and unlock the medium’s value.


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