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About Warren Abercrombie

An introvert at heart and a film school graduate, Warren Abercrombie is a Texan local who relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue his dream of making it to the big screen. 

While his lifelong dream is to leverage storytelling passions to become an actor and director, Warren’s path took an unexpected turn into the realm of TikTok content creation. Here, he found a stage to display his talents, edging him closer to his enduring aspirations.

Why And When Did You Start Content Creation? 

Cinematic Vs. Short-Form Content Creation With Warren AbercrombieCinematic Vs. Short-Form Content Creation With Warren Abercrombie

Warren Abercrombie tells us, “I started creating content in 2020 to showcase my talents and apply what I learned in film school, but through creating both long and short-form content, I learned that there is a massive difference.” 

He explains, “Despite finding success on TikTok, my perfectionist nature feels constrained by the limitations of short-form content, hindering my ability to fully convey my ideas. But I started Tiktok after seeing success on Instagram with reels and continuously being told that my skits would be a hit on the platform.”

While Warren’s aspirations extend beyond TikTok, his goal on the platform is to showcase what he’s capable of and reach the right people. Consequently, his high-quality videos set him apart, making them incomparable to the typical comedy skit creator.

Why Long-form Content is a Better Long-Term Bet 

Cinematic Vs. Short-Form Content Creation With Warren Abercrombie

Cinematic Vs. Short-Form Content Creation With Warren Abercrombie

Recognition and Respect 

The recognition and respect gained from long-form content is more authoritative and respected than the recognition gained from being a TikToker, explains Warren Abercrombie. 

He elaborates, “Cinematic work garners greater appreciation from industry leaders, be it directors, marketers, or brands looking to collaborate with cinematic work is appreciated more by the people on top.”

“Your deals are bound to improve, and followers will have more respect for your creative efforts.” 

Expanding on his point, Warren compares famous TikTok creators to renowned actors, asking us, do you have the same respect for these people? Who would you be more excited to run into?

Storytelling and Creative Freedom 

“Short-form content is very limiting to one’s creativity, although not everyone perceives content creation as storytelling, at the end of the day, it is an idea that you are trying to communicate.” 

“Elements of production, visuals, sound effects, tone, and more come together to communicate the overall idea, and when you only have 30 seconds to get a reaction, much of the idea is lost in translation.” 

Resources and Production  

“The only advantage short-form content has over long-form is that anyone can pick up a camera and film with minimal production tools and resources.” 

“Nobody expects your work to be perfect when creating a TikTok or Reel, and as a striving cinematic professional, I dislike the lack of professionalism.”

Short-form Content Is A Vehicle for Achieving Excellence

“Many TikTokers and short-form content creators fail to see what’s beyond TikTok fame and define their success by views and numbers. 

He adds, “However, I see it more as a matter of how good you are at your job of entertaining and how easy it is to consume what you’re putting out on a large scale.” 

Even though Warren Abercrombie acknowledges that short-form content is transforming the entertainment industry, he firmly believes that the film industry is here to stay despite the shortened attention span of social media users. 

From a cinematic professional perspective, Warren encourages passionate creators to aim for what’s beyond TikTok fame and work their way from making TikToks to creating 5-minute YouTube videos and ultimately becoming part of a professional production.

Tell Us About “Everybody Hates Kyle” How Did It Come About?

Everybody Hates Kyle” emerged as a result of Warren Abercrombie’s relentless pursuit of a Hollywood career, a collaborative endeavor with like-minded creators that resulted in the creation of a short series.

Cinematic Vs. Short-Form Content Creation With Warren AbercrombieCinematic Vs. Short-Form Content Creation With Warren Abercrombie

“When I moved to Atlanta to pursue a cinematic profession, I started looking for people to collaborate with. I was really out there grinding, posting on Facebook groups, asking friends of friends if they knew anyone, and I finally reached the right people.”

Warren Abercrombie adds, “The Idea behind Everybody Hates Kyle was initially a weekly video where every video is different, but with the success of our first episode, we decided to make it more of a series around the same character.” 

“The relatable concept of a good guy with a hard life, in my opinion, is what made the show special, and although we never made it to HBO, we gained a creative team from it.” 

The project, backed by nothing but similar goals and the determination to excel, taught Warren and his team lots of lessons, enhanced their skills, and built a reliable community at little to no financial cost. 

What Are Some Common Misconceptions In Your Industry?

Warren Abercrombie points out a common misconception among creators in the comedy industr is their relentless pursuit of virality. He elaborates on three key issues wiith this approach:

Creators Will Get Discouraged 

“If your initial goal is to go viral, you are leading yourself to disappointment and will give up. Even if your content deserves the attention you are seeking, there is so much more that goes into a viral video than quality.” 

“From algorithms to fanbase and competition, the only time you can constantly go viral is when a platform or feature is new.”

Chasing Viral Videos Can Cause Divergence 

“The spotlight is addictive, and if you started with an initial goal in mind, you’re likely to forget it and chase views.” 

“This can mean replicating the same viral video endless times, entertaining negative comments from viewers that won’t see your account ever again, or even resorting to controversial content to sustain the momentum.”

Going Viral Is Not Sustainable

“Unless your viral video follows your original format of content, viewers will not transform into loyal followers.”

 “There are many creators with multiple viral videos but no following or a constantly declining fanbase. I believe that viewers need to know what they can expect before hitting the follow button.”

What Are Some Things You Learned The Hard Way? 

You Can Hustle Your Way To The Top

“A few years back, the only way to make it into a show or movie was through auditioning or having connections in the industry, but that’s no longer the case.” 

Warren Abercrombie explains that even creators whose primary goal isn’t acting can make it into a movie if they’re good enough at what they do. 

He states, “All you need is a few family and friends who believe in you, and the rest will follow along; it’s now easier than ever to prove your talent and showcase your passion to the world.”

Cultivate Productive Partnerships

“Launching my project Everybody Hates Kyle allowed me a unique insight into the powers of a team effort and having multiple opinions.” 

“It wasn’t all positive. There are some people I’d never work with again, but even the negatives are part of the process. 

I think the key takeaway from it is that not everyone has the same drive, even if they have the same goal, so when you find a team with the same level of determination, hold on to them; that’s how you speed up the process.”


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