Checking In: Work Memes, Feels Like Spring, Cowboy Carter – Jarastyle

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Checking In: Work Memes, Feels Like Spring, Cowboy Carter - Jarastyle

I saw this Zendaya meme on Instagram the other day, and dagnabbit, it spoke to my soul because I’m 99% sure that my work lewks are equivalent to the photo on the right.

The funny thing is, everything seems okay when I leave my bathroom mirror in the morning before I leave the house. I’ll go about my day, and then sometime later on I’ll get a glimpse of myself in the harsh overhead lighting at work and will be like, “WHOA. What happened?” LOL!

Anywho, the weather here has been crazy all week long. I forgot what a true spring feels like, apparently. It’s been years since we’ve had one here in Northern California. For a while there, we’d just jump from winter to warm weather in the blink of an eye without anything happening in between. Side note, hello global warming!

The past few days, though, have been a reminder of what I remember spring feeling like when I was a kid. The swing between balmy 70-something temps and cold, wet rainy days has been a shock to my system and my wardrobe. One day I’m wearing a parka and fleece sweater, and the next I’m in a t-shirt.

Ya know, I like spring a lot more now that I’m in my 40s. I love seeing everything come back to life. It reminds me there is always another time to bloom again; there’s something about the idea of renewal and reinvention that speaks to me now more than ever.

Regarding reinvention, I’ve been listening to the new Beyonce album, “Cowboy Carter,” nonstop. I love how Beyonce mashes together different musical genres; I especially love the harmonies and layered vocals. My favorite songs so far are “Blackbird,” “II Most Wanted” and “Protector.”

Have you listened to any of her new music? Give it a go if you have a chance. I think you might like it.

Have a wonderful Saturday and a peaceful weekend.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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