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TikTok is trying to mobilize its massive user base in the United States to push back against a bipartisan bill in Congress that could effectively ban the popular social platform. 

The company sent out a push notification on Wednesday, March 7, warning American users that “Congress is planning a total ban of TikTok,” threatening to “strip 170 million Americans of their Constitutional right to free expression.”

Calling Users To Speak Up Against Impending Congress Ban - Jarastyle Teen'sCalling Users To Speak Up Against Impending Congress Ban - Jarastyle Teen's

The alert directs users to a page that argues a TikTok ban would “damage millions of businesses, destroy the livelihoods of countless creators across the country, and deny artists an audience.” It provides a tool for users to quickly find and call their congressional representatives to voice opposition.

This move comes as the White House has expressed support for the bill titled “Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act”. The proposed legislation aims to address perceived national security risks around TikTok’s data collection practices due to its ownership by the Chinese company ByteDance.

If passed, the bill would force TikTok to sever ties with its parent company or face being removed from U.S. app stores. Several lawmakers have been raising concerns for years about the potential possibility of the app’s user data being passed on to the Chinese government.

TikTok is no stranger to political pressure in the United States. Some states and municipalities have already banned the app on government devices, with Montana attempting an outright ban last year before it was temporarily blocked in court.

Previous attempts to legislate against TikTok have also prompted the company to appeal directly to its user base for support. In 2023, as a different congressional bill gained traction, TikTok CEO Shou Chew posted a video message warning of the potential impact and soliciting user comments.

The latest congressional proposal faces expected legal challenges as well, with the American Civil Liberties Union arguing it would violate First Amendment free speech rights. However, the chorus of national security concerns continues to grow louder.

For its part, TikTok maintains it has taken steps to safeguard U.S. user data, including routing domestic traffic through Oracle cloud servers. But its Chinese ownership remains the central issue and key argument for an effective ban.

The company’s mass notification accentuates its determination to rally its vast American audience as a counterweight. With over 170 million users, the platform clearly recognizes the power of that collective voice as the legislative battle intensifies.

TikTok refused to comment on any additional mobilization efforts planned in response to the newest proposed ban. But this latest call to action indicates the social media giant is gearing up for a fierce fight to maintain its foothold in the lucrative U.S. market.


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