Brianna And Cass On Collaboration And Content – Jarastyle Teen’s

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Meet the visionary minds driving First Wave Social’s innovative approach to creator collaboration. Brianna Thompson and Cass Vieira are two of the creators behind this unique creator house, uniting 15 industry professionals with diverse skill sets to craft compelling content for DTC brands. 

Brianna And Cass On Collaboration And Content - Jarastyle Teen's

As content creators themselves, Brianna and Cass emphasize authenticity, strategic alignment, and a creator-led ethos, ushering in a new era of impactful brand partnerships.

Brianna And Cass On Collaboration And Content - Jarastyle Teen's

Behind The Scenes With First Wave Social Creators: Brianna And Cass On Collaboration And Content

Who is Brianna Thompson and Cass Vieira?

Meet Brianna Thompson, a versatile creator who wears multiple hats in the world of content creation. She’s a creator and a direct-response video editor, working behind the scenes with brands to create and piece together their paid media. She’s also a part of administration and partnership management and leads the social strategy team. 

Cass Vieira is a multi-faceted content creator and influencer whose role extends into creative strategy. She’s also a creative strategist, collaborating with brands to develop concepts and briefs for their ads. Cass is part of the administrative, social strategy, and collaboration teams.

Together with the other creators, they spearheaded the First Wave Social event. This event is sponsored by Brands Meet Creators and aims to help creators produce paid media content. 

First Wave Social is an exciting and unique concept, serving as a creator house for 15 pre-selected creators to produce assets for DTC brands. Could you share more about the inspiration behind this idea and what creators and brands can expect from this exclusive gathering?

Brianna shares, “We’d love to see something like this hosted by creators for creators.” This sparked their creator-led approach, ensuring creators were at the core. “That was pretty much the inspiration,” Brianna affirms.

Pooling their creativity, they brainstormed to best serve their community. “We put our heads together and started to brainstorm and figure out how this could best serve us,” Brianna reminisces. Now, First Wave Social emerges as a hub of collaboration, fostering an atmosphere where creators and brands thrive synergistically.

Can you provide some insights into the types of content that will be produced during First Wave Social and how these assets will benefit the partnering DTC brands?

During the event, the focus is on producing content optimized for paid media strategies. Brianna explains, “What’ll be created during the First Wave Social event is pretty much only paid media content.” This content’s flexibility extends to brands’ potential for organic use on social media. As Brianna notes, “If they want to use it for organic use on social media, that’s up to them because of the rights that they’ll have to the content, but they’ll be tailored towards paid media.”

Delving into the specifics of the content creation, Brianna elaborates, “So essentially what’ll be created is different concepts based off of creative strategy and advertising.” Each piece of content will be meticulously crafted to align with the brand’s unique creative strategy, making them invaluable tools for promoting their businesses and enhancing their brand presence.

Cass further reveals, “I was gonna say we’re really focused on creating content that brands can use for Q3 and Q4, especially as they gear up for the holiday season.”

Recognizing the unique strengths within their team, Cass points out, “A lot of, well, we have a few different creative strategists on the team that are also creators. So, the benefit to the brand is that they don’t have to do any of this work in creating the brief, selecting the creators, figuring out what content to use.”

A distinctive advantage for the partnering DTC brands lies in the accessibility to raw footage, as Cass explains, “They’re also having access to raw footage that they can piece up and edit in any way that they like, which is a great asset, especially as we’re going into the holiday season and them needing to test a good variety of ads.”

With 15 creators coming together for this creative endeavor, collaboration and synergy must be at the heart of the event. How will First Wave Social foster an environment that encourages creators to collaborate and create impactful content?

Brianna highlights, “It’s a great, collaborative event because it’s creator-led. Everything we do is run by other creators,” she explained, fostering an inclusive environment. This sets First Wave Social apart from events led by agencies, prioritizing creators’ well-being. Brianna affirmed, “It’s gonna help us better suit that event and help create a good and safe environment for everyone.”

The sentiment expressed aligns seamlessly with Cass’s perspective throughout this journey. Collaborative efforts have been the cornerstone, as Cass mentions, in crafting the essence of the event. The inherent ethos of collaboration over competition, driven by the creators involved, amplifies this dynamic.

Cass further emphasizes, “We don’t have like a huge team putting this together. It really is just us, you know, the creators figuring it all out as we go.” This lean, creator-led approach fuels a genuine sense of collaboration, where each step is navigated collectively.

Amidst this environment, collaboration becomes second nature. “I think collaboration won’t be any problem. I think, honestly, it’s probably the most exciting part about this whole event for us: getting to collaborate with one another,” Cass shares. 

Brianna And Cass On Collaboration And Content - Jarastyle Teen's

Did you have the chance to previously meet the other creators?

Spanning different parts of North America, the 15 creators behind First Wave Social hail from diverse locations. Brianna clarifies, “Some of us know each other in person… and some of us don’t.” Personal interactions have occurred, with Brianna noting, “I’ve seen some in person… collaborated on another project.”

Certain Canadian creators have met minimally, and geographic proximity has allowed others to connect. “Some of them are located in California. So some of them may have met in person,” Brianna reveals. However, as a whole, physical gatherings are yet to occur. “As a collective, as a whole, we haven’t really met,” she adds.

In the planning process, there was a consideration for an educational aspect. Could you elaborate on the factors that led to the decision to focus solely on the creator house for this inaugural event? Are there any plans to incorporate educational elements in future editions?

Initially, the idea was to provide educational value to emerging creators. As Cass notes, “We educate creators that are like us, that are kind of just starting out in their journey.” However, due to the three-day timeframe, incorporating education felt overwhelming for the team.

The allure of collaborative content creation took precedence. Cass tells us, “What excites us the most was creating content together and getting brands in on this opportunity.” This led them to focus on content creation for this event’s debut.

Looking ahead, education remains a priority. Cass states, “Educating is something that we do want to incorporate into this event.” 

Being a closed event for pre-selected creators, could you shed some light on the selection process? What criteria were used to identify the participating creators, and what diverse skillsets do they bring to the table?

The selection process for the participating creators in this closed event was dynamic. Brianna explains, “It started as a bigger number, and that pool dwindled with time.” Initially considering around 22 creators, the team realized logistical challenges. The final group of 15 creators emerged, meeting the event’s requirements.

While beginner creators hold value, the focus on experienced creators aligns with the event’s goals. Brianna emphasizes, “It’s really important that we have people who are seasoned and knowledgeable so that we can bring about the conversions needed for the clients that wanna participate in the event.”

Cass also shares that the name “First Wave Social” originated from the Twitter group chat of the first wave of creators who began engaging in User-Generated Content (UGC) around February of the previous year. Cass shares, “The creators that were in that initial first wave group chat were creators that started at the same time.” The transition from Twitter to Discord marked the evolution of the idea to gather and create an event.

These creators, as Cass mentions, embarked on their UGC journeys together, with varying backgrounds in marketing. “We all kind of started at the same time,” she says, emphasizing the shared experience and growth over the year and a half. This collective foundation forms the core of the First Wave Social event, fostering collaboration and unity among creators with similar experiences and insights.

The creator economy thrives on authenticity and genuine connections. How does First Wave Social aim to maintain these values while engaging with DTC brands and producing content for them?

Embracing the role of social media as a pivotal tool, Brianna highlights, “One of the biggest ways that we’re doing that is through social media because that’s how a lot of us network, and that’s how a lot of us.” She shares a personal perspective, stating, “I know personally that’s been a huge way for me to network as somebody who’s actually pretty introverted.”

Recognizing the transformative influence of the internet, she continues, “The internet has been a great way for me to be able to create those connections. And I think that’s true with a lot of us, especially with the nature of the work that we’re in.”

Elaborating on their approach, Brianna emphasizes, “With our social strategy team, we’re able to execute a strategy that not only leaves it open for creators and D2C brands to engage and communicate, but also just to connect and spread and share ideas in the way that created this event in the first place.”

Maintaining authenticity and genuineness is paramount to First Wave Social. As Cass shares, “I think it’s very important that we keep our, you know, what’s the word I’m looking for, that, that we stay genuine and that we stay authentic.” When collaborating with DTC brands, their focus extends beyond mere advertisements, as she explains, “Our purpose. Our mission is really to give brands assets that they can use for a long time because of just how genuine it is, how authentic it is.”

Highlighting the value of experience, Cass notes, “And that’s something that comes with experience, which also goes back onto why we chose the creators that we chose, the connection.” The approach of First Wave Social remains rooted in meaningful and lasting brand collaborations that resonate with authenticity and build lasting connections.

As September approaches, could you provide a sneak peek into the content creation agenda? What types of DTC brands will be involved, and how will First Wave Social tailor the content to suit their specific needs and target audiences?

“You can expect to see a lot of creator intros and get to know the creators. You can expect to see a lot of content surrounding strategy and what it means to work with creators on a partnership level like this. For the brands and how beneficial it is for the brands to tap into an opportunity like this,” Cass tells us. 

While specific brands remain undisclosed, the emphasis remains on highlighting the authenticity and value of such collaborations. Stay tuned for updates as the event draws closer.

Brianna also mentions, “You can also expect to see a lot of behind-the-scenes content. As we approach the event and people have flights situated and stuff like that, you’re also gonna see that kind of behind-the-scenes content of the event actually being actualized, which I think is really cool. And like Cass was saying, a lot of strategy-driven content to kind of give us this sneak peek of the way that we create and how our minds work in actualizing concepts to create assets for these brands. So I’d say, keep an eye on the socials for updates.”

Could you share more details on how brands can participate in this opportunity and what benefits they can expect from aligning with First Wave Social?

According to Brianna, brands interested in participating in the creator house can reach out via email at This will provide them with insights into the event through the provided deck. The value for brands lies in the convergence of 15 industry professionals with diverse skill sets. As she explains, “We’re not all only creators.” The team encompasses creators, direct-response video editors, and creative strategists who collaborate directly with brands to develop winning concepts that generate revenue. 

With a range of experiences in advertising, the team offers a structured way for brands to access a vast amount of content to test and secure the necessary assets for upcoming quarters.

As content creation takes center stage at First Wave Social, how does the event strike a balance between allowing creators the freedom to express their individual styles and ensuring that the produced assets align with the brands’ visions and objectives?

Brianna highlights that achieving a balance between creators’ individual styles and brand objectives hinges on the creators’ personal processes. Some brands grant creative freedom to let the creator’s style shine, while others seek specific executions based on their proven strategies. In her words, “Sometimes the brands know exactly what works for them, and so that’s where we step in.” The event provides room for personal expression, acknowledging the diversity in how creators craft and edit content. This diversity, rooted in real experiences, gives user-generated content its relatable and effective appeal. 

Additionally, the First Wave Social team’s professionalism ensures the execution of brands’ precise visions when required. This balance enables both creativity and strategic alignment in content creation.

Being the first edition of this unique creator house experience, what are your team’s aspirations for the event, and how do you envision it evolving and growing in the future?

Brianna’s excitement about the first edition of the creator house experience is palpable. She expresses, “We were just so excited with collaborating in any aspect with each other and having the opportunity to meet up now with our unique set of skills and experience.” Maintaining the event’s essence as a creator-led, creativity-sparking occasion is a top aspiration for her.

Highlighting the team’s dynamic, Brianna notes, “What’s really empowering is that the team is full of women. I love that about the team.” Their unity enables them to navigate challenges collectively and create something impactful, not only for participants but also for future creators. She envisions the event setting a precedent in the industry, where diversity is celebrated and creators play a pivotal role in shaping something remarkable.

The creator economy is continuously evolving with new formats and platforms. How does First Wave Social stay ahead of the curve and ensure the content created remains relevant and engaging for today’s digital-savvy audiences?

Staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving creator economy is a priority for First Wave Social, as Brianna explains. “Having creative strategists on the team who are equipped with tools to track trends and the development of the creator economy is crucial,” she says. Additionally, being creators themselves, the team is naturally attuned to the social nuances shaping the industry.

This awareness translates into impactful content creation. Brianna cites an example: “We recently posted a video breaking down a creative concept related to the Barbie x Beis collaboration by Shay Mitchell’s luggage brand.” This approach involves taking relevant topics and creatively reimagining them, sparking conversations and innovative strategies. She hints at more engaging content to come, reflecting the team’s enthusiasm for their work.

For creators who might be interested in participating in future editions of First Wave Social, what advice would you give them to prepare for this exciting opportunity?

For aspiring creators eyeing future editions of First Wave Social, Brianna offers insightful advice. “The biggest thing is to really, really focus on your personal branding and what sets you apart as a creator,” she advises. Many new creators tend to follow the crowd, but Brianna emphasizes finding a unique position in the creator economy. “Success comes from playing to your strengths and creating a personal brand around what makes you tick,” she asserts.

Brianna underscores the importance of passion in creative work. “Doing something creative is driven by what you enjoy and are passionate about,” she notes. This authenticity can lead to opportunities. She also encourages continuous learning and personal growth, urging creators to explore what ignites their creativity and how they can enhance their content.

As we wrap up, could you leave us with an exciting behind-the-scenes tidbit or an exclusive highlight that attendees and followers can look forward to during First Wave Social?

Brianna shares, “Look forward to behind-the-scenes footage of us buying flights and our excitement to meet each other. We’ll also offer tidbits of how certain assets for our social strategy were actualized, along with glimpses of our team meetings and the developmental process.” These insights will provide a unique look into the event’s inner workings and the effort behind its execution.

As the interview comes to a close, Brianna adds, “If there are any brands out there interested in collaborating with top industry professional creators of diverse skills, there are still spots available for First Wave Social.” She encourages interested brands to contact the team via email at and explore the event further through their website,, where they can learn about each creator’s profile and be part of the event.


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