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Yara spent years as a writer, reporter, and editor focused on online publications and channels. She helped pioneering brands launch some of the internet’s earliest video content. But in 2014, she branched out independently. “I decided maybe I should just do this on my own,” Yara recalls. “So I left my job as an editor and started my own YouTube channel, MIXEDMAKEUP.”  

Susan Yara: Blending Influence And Innovation With MIXEDMAKEUP, GlowLab Collective, And The Digital DepartmentSusan Yara: Blending Influence And Innovation With MIXEDMAKEUP, GlowLab Collective, And The Digital Department

For over two decades, Susan Yara has been at the forefront of seismic shifts in media and marketing. Her career began in 2000 as a traditional journalist, but she quickly embraced the digital world.  “I started as a journalist,” Yara says. “I’ve been in the media for a really long time.” Her pivot to digital began around 2003-2004 when she joined the team launching Forbes magazine’s website and video network. “Eventually it turned out to be one of the best things for my career because it became the future.”

Susan Yara: Blending Influence And Innovation With MIXEDMAKEUP, GlowLab Collective, And The Digital Department

Her background had led Yara to concentrate on the burgeoning online beauty space. However, she noticed a glaring white space in the content available at that time. “I felt like there wasn’t a lot geared towards women considered mature for the online space – those in their late 20s, 30s and 40s,” Yara states. “They wanted to know about Botox, ingredients for fine lines and hyperpigmentation – and there just wasn’t that.”

Yara’s MIXEDMAKEUP aimed to fill that gap with highly-produced beauty videos tailored to an older audience. But monetizing as an early influencer proved challenging. “There really were not sponsorships for content creators,” she notes. “It was hard to find management.”

To fund operations, her team took on client production work for beauty brands, doctors and others entering digital marketing. They balanced this with running MIXEDMAKEUP for several years. Then in 2020, the pandemic brought production to a halt. Yara had to rethink her business to avoid layoffs. That’s when she spotted the rise of a new breed of influencer. “A lot of people  were experts like dermatologists and plastic surgeons who had never been content creators before,” Yara explains. “They were suddenly growing big audiences and being approached by brands for sponsorships, but didn’t know how to handle that.”  

Recognizing an opportunity, Yara pivoted her company to start a management firm called GlowLab Collective to help these fresh influencers navigate brand deals and sponsorships. What had started as Yara’s passion project evolved into an innovative business — providing crucial support for this new wave disrupting digital marketing.

Susan Yara: Blending Influence And Innovation With MIXEDMAKEUP, GlowLab Collective, And The Digital Department

Susan Yara: Blending Influence And Innovation With MIXEDMAKEUP, GlowLab Collective, And The Digital Department

Glowlab’s 360 Approach to Managing the Creator Economy

While Yara didn’t originally set out with a specific “mission” for Glowlab, the company’s approach sets it apart in the influencer management space. “What really sets us apart is that we give true mentorship,” Yara says. “That’s partially because I’ve seen every aspect of the creator economy – from being a content creator, to producing, having my own brand, and now as a manager.”

Yara’s 360-degree perspective across digital media roles allows her to provide unique guidance. So does her veteran team’s experience.  Olivia Hubschman, who heads up Glowlab’s beauty division, has worked alongside Yara since the early days before influencer sponsorships were common. “She’s been doing this for such a long time,” she notes. “She really has a good grasp of it from being on the inside with me.”

Even Glowlab’s campaign managers have walked in the shoes of their talent. One is a micro-influencer herself, ensuring a first-hand understanding of the creators’ mindset. This holistic, been-there-done-that approach informs how Glowlab mentors the new breed of influencers it represents – many established experts in fields like dermatology and plastic surgery, but newcomers to content creation. 

While other firms simply broker brand deals, Glowlab aims to fully prepare creators to build longstanding careers. From content strategy and format experience to audience growth and monetization tactics, they strive to equip talent with 360-degree skills to become sustainable businesses.

“We really are now the digital department for a lot of our talent,” Yara says of Glowlab’s level of service. “We make sure everybody has a good perspective on what our talent is going through and can provide well-rounded coaching.”

Susan Yara: Blending Influence And Innovation With MIXEDMAKEUP, GlowLab Collective, And The Digital DepartmentSusan Yara: Blending Influence And Innovation With MIXEDMAKEUP, GlowLab Collective, And The Digital Department

Joining Forces With The Digital Department

As Glowlab’s roster experienced rapid growth, Yara recognized the need to join forces with a larger player to enhance offerings for her talent. She found the perfect partner in The Digital Department (TDD).  “There’s power in numbers,” she states. “Our creators started exceeding what we could offer as a boutique agency alone. They deserve bigger opportunities – their own products, TV shows, high-level brand partnerships beyond one-off sponsorships.”

The Digital Department, formed by the merger of Socialyte and Be Social, provided the scale and industry clout Glowlab’s burgeoning talent pool required. Yara also had a long relationship with TDD co-CEO Sarah Boyd. “I’ve known Sarah for over a decade and seen how hard she’s worked to build her agency,” Yara says. “I know our talent is in great hands with her leadership.”

Glowlab Collective officially merged into TDD in late 2022, becoming the company’s dedicated beauty and skincare division called The Digital Department Beauty Bureau. For Yara, the partnership allows her creators access to resources and platform connections her boutique firm couldn’t provide alone. “They have the ear of the major platforms like TikTok and Instagram in ways smaller firms don’t,” she explains. “They can get quick resolutions if talent has an issue, which is invaluable.”

The combined TDD’s deep institutional knowledge also provides Glowlab’s creators with enhanced mentoring opportunities. “You have me, Olivia, Sarah Boyd, Ali Grant and others who have been in this space for so long,” Yara says. “Our creators get priceless wisdom and experience from multiple experts as they build their own brands and businesses.” 

For Yara personally, the transition allows her to focus on what she does best – mentoring influencers to achieve long-term success. “Instead of negotiating deals, which is its own specialty, I’m guiding talent on their overall strategy and development,” she says. “Mentorship is where I provide the most value.”

Guiding a New Wave of Respected Voices

In selecting the influencers and creators to mentor within TDD’s Beauty Bureau, Yara looks for a key trait – expertise. “All of our talent educates and offers real expertise, not just entertainment,” she states. “Our dermatologists and cosmetic chemists answer real questions and provide legitimate guidance in their fields.”

Yara believes this authority will become even more paramount as the influencer marketing world evolves. “We’ll see more and more experts being sponsored and aligning with brands,” she predicts. “There’s so much noise online, and audiences will gravitate towards real authorities they can trust for quality information.”

For aspiring beauty influencers looking to breakthrough, Yara has simple advice: “You don’t have to be shocking or different – you just need to provide valuable information that enriches people’s lives,” she states. “If your content genuinely helps or educates your audience, you’ll grow a real presence much easier.”

She points to examples like Miss Rachel, a former teacher whose toddler education videos grew an enormous following. “People feel better about consuming content that teaches them something meaningful,” Yara explains. “That resonates in an age where we’re overloaded with content consumption. If you want to truly stand out, your influence has to improve people’s lives, not just entertain.”

As for skincare experts, dermatologists, and others considering entering the influencer space, Yara has one message: “I talk to skincare experts daily who think it’s too late to start – but there’s always a place for you if you make a difference,” she states. “You don’t need perfection, you just need to share valuable expertise. If you can grab people’s attention by giving great advice, put yourself out there.”

From pioneering online content creation and cutting-edge influencer strategies to now coaching the next generation of digital marketing elite, Susan Yara has stayed ahead of the curve her entire career. With Glowlab and The Digital Department, she’s providing the roadmap for both respected experts and rising talent to sustainably build impactful personal brands and businesses.

In a noisy online world desperate for authority and authenticity, Yara is equipping trusted voices with the skills to cut through and improve millions of lives. Her ability to spot cultural shifts and create innovative solutions has been a consistent calling card. As she guides the influencer marketing realm into a new era of polish and professionalization, Yara’s trailblazing continues.


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