Barbados ‘World of Difference’ Experiences Campaign Jarastyle travel

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Barbados ‘World of Difference’ Experiences Campaign Jarastyle travelAll photos by Steve Drake

The Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) in partnership with BookBarbados and Tripian are thrilled to introduce the Barbados ‘World of Difference’ Experiences Campaign, an innovative initiative aimed at enhancing the value proposition of the experiences that can be enjoyed in Barbados. This campaign is part of our ongoing commitment to position Barbados as a loyal and relatable destination, ultimately encouraging longer stays, trip extensions, and attracting new visitors to our beautiful island. 

The booking window for this campaign is July 15th to October 15th, for travel between August 15th and October 31st.  

Barbados ‘World of Difference’ Experiences Campaign Jarastyle travel

How the Campaign Works 

Travellers must book their holiday to Barbados, through their preferred booking mechanism and be staying at one of our approved accommodation partners. Once a booking to Barbados has been made, travellers should visit to register for the program, providing the required details for redemption in Barbados. Each approved traveller will receive BBD$200 in a digital wallet format, to be spent exclusively within Barbados. Travellers then redeem their cashback through Book Barbados with these easy steps: 

  • Once your booking is verified, it’s time to start spending!  
  • Simply go to the BookBarbados Trip Planner to access your wallet. You will be able to view offers for all participating partners. 
  • See something you’re interested in? Claim the cashback offer and it will be shown in your wallet. 
  • IMPORTANT!! Download the BookBarbados Trip Planner App to your phone to ensure that your wallet is always in your pocket. You will need this to redeem your voucher with each partner. 
  • Make your booking directly with our partner, letting them know that you have a World of Difference Cashback voucher. 
  • Our partner will scan your QR code to redeem your cashback and apply a credit to your bill instantly. 

Barbados ‘World of Difference’ Experiences Campaign Jarastyle travel

Entry Criteria 

To participate in this initiative, participants must meet the following criteria: 

  • Must be over 18 years old. 
  • Must be travelling for more than 4 days to Barbados. 
  • Must be staying at an approved accommodation property. 
  • Must complete the full entry form and upload proof of trip booking. 

World of Difference Campaign 

A significant part of the Campaign is the “World of Difference” initiative, which continues to showcase Barbados as a diverse, unique, and culturally rich destination, providing a transformative experience for every traveller. 

The Barbados ‘World of Difference’ Experiences Campaign promises to revolutionize the way travellers perceive and engage with our enchanting island. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our partners for their continued support and commitment to making Barbados a premier tourist destination. 


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