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We think that a crush is a romantic attraction towards someone. As a matter of fact, a crush isn’t always romantic as much as it is a feeling of being awestruck by someone. It’s a desire to connect at more than a surface level, and your crush could be a potential friend, work buddy, or a future romantic partner, too.

How do I know I’m having a crush on someone?

It will be obvious to the world. When you have a crush, there’s an incessant need to work all your plans around being in the vicinity and proximity of this person. You’ll find yourself matching your workout, evening stroll, morning walk, lunch hour in school or college, or other engagements, to theirs. You would be thinking, discussing, and contemplating about this person most of the time and probably be distracted from other tasks owing to this preoccupation. At a biological level, you will have an adrenaline rush in the presence of this person, allowing your cheeks to turn pink, your eyes to twinkle, and your palms to feel sweaty. In most cases, people break into an unexpected or inappropriate smile that could even be embarrassing, in a charming way of sorts. Don’t be surprised if you fumble or even lose your words in the presence of this person. Your brain chemicals go into a frenzied tango with an urge to do something, anything, to connect with this person in real life or even in a dream. It’s a feeling that you will surely enjoy — a mix of happiness that this person is in your life in some capacity, as well as a restless eagerness to get closer and closer to this person; to change the status quo to something else.

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